Only answers properly marked on the answer form will be graded. 6th AMC 10 B. 2. 1. A scout troop buys candy bars at a price of. The best way to prepare for the AMC 10 is to do lots of practice AMC 10B Problems and Answers · AMC 10A Problems and. The AMC 10 and AMC 12 are both question, minute, multiple choice examinations in high school mathematics . AMC Question & Solutions .

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What is the th term of the sequence? There appear to be many cases to check, that is, all the multiples of 3 between and We recommend studying the problems and solutions from previous tests. The op- posing argument was that a lOth-grader whose previously undiscovered talent is first revealed by a high AMC 10 score should not be denied the opportunity to take the AIME. Jones has eight children of different ages. What is the sum of those values of a?

What is the least number of main courses that the restaurant can offer so that a customer could have a different dinner each night in the year ? The area of A ABC is the sum of these, which is 3s. What is the area of the rectangle ABEF1 Joe and JoAnn each bought 12 ounces of coffee in a ounce cup.


A subset B of the set of integers from 1 toinclusive, has the property that no two elements of B sum to What is the area of the shaded region? The latter formula is neutral with respect to guessing and precludes the possibil- ity of a negative score, a potentially devastating result for an unlucky student! AMC 8 Winner Pin — given to the student s in each school with the highest score.

How many different assortments of six cookies can be selected? In the event school is closed due to weather or any other insurmountable situation, you will be given the option to register your school for Contest B registration fee plus bundlesor you may elect to give Contest Solktions on a later date as an unofficial administration.

FAQ – AMC Frequently Asked

See page 5, Section V. What is the amount of the smallest positive debt that can be resolved in this way? Thus the sum of the two even digits in ABC is 8. For example, such a sequence might begin with terms, and and end with the term The AMC 10 and 12 were the last contests to allow the use of a calculator.

The easier problems are often some- what similar to textbook exercises. The contests are to provide high quality, challenging math problems aligned with the high school curriculum. What are the criteria for invitation to MOSP?

The four corresponding values of x solutionss are 25,23 All schools taking Contest A unofficially will still receive a school report and all intramural awards. For how many integers n is n n the square of an integer? To see that 13 disks suffice, note that: When he averages 40 miles per hour, he arrives at his workplace three minutes late.


All are familiar with reading and evaluating mathematical arguments, including novel and unexpected proofs. If the ice cream melts, it will exactly fill the cone.

What is the maximum number of points where at least two of the circles intersect? The scores of the amcc two students must be both even or both odd, and the sum of the scores of the first three students must be divisible by 3. What is the th term in this sequence?

ANSWER D There are six dice that have a single face on the surface, and these dice can be oriented so that the face with the 1 is showing.

FAQ – AMC Frequently Asked

D It is divisible by 7. The Dunbar family consists of a mother, a father, and some children. The total number of matches played is a number that satisfies which of the following? What is the value of ab? Who will finish first? Therefore 1 6 n 2 1