Im newbie. I buy AD as like at the picture. Im try to connect AD to my UNO: ***. Using digital pins 8 through 11, proto shield installed. 1 Using the Analog Devices AD DDS with an Arduino board; 2 Initialising and Resetting the AD; 3 Setting the output frequency. I have paired may AD with an Arduino Uno, LCD display, Rotary encoder, and a few other small parts and have put together a very descent DDS VFO.

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UNO which you assigned as Data I need waveform generator sketch for four step with four different fixed frequencies where the frequency wl not be shown on the lcd, just on lcd Will appear: I run Arduino IDE 1.

In the absence of any information I plan to build it and look with a scope to see what I get!

How to simply test AD module is dead or not? You did not include the Rotary library file correctly. Hi TomGeorge; Here the Schematic. Views Page Discussion View source History. I am having the same problem. Thanks again, to Rich and contributors!


Arduino tehNiq: Signal generator with AD and Arduino

From what I read it looks great, and simple. I see the need for a buffered, amplified, constant and filtered output for the VFO and a buffered, constant, attenuated and filtered output for the SigGen. Thanks for all your efforts on this project 73 Nigel.

XXX Hz appeared on LCD display, so i read your sketch comments in program line about what we must do double uploading by 1 and 0 changes in sketch. So I have qd9850 the instability of the encoder. Could you give me the both type of AD and rotary encoder. Absolutely will work for you.

Possible calibration later or some kind of const voltage amp. TomGeorge Design and Repair of industrial control systems. May I suggest you check that arduinoo Rotary library shows as one of the libraries in the Arduino Sketch software. DrDiettrich Tesla Member Posts: Schematic is not openening in eagle ,which soft I have to use???

I aim to turn this into a general purpose shack signal generator, so I wanted to be able to adjust it for frequency accuracy. Ive been trying and I get no errors, however it never completes compiling, the progress bar goes about a third of the way and just stops. I was going down the Ardduino route till I found this. I will create a schematic to share and post this someplace.



Suryo, If you read my instructions and use the IF version of mysketch everything you require for the khz offset is already done. Hello, a few weaks ago i found a new Arduino shield. LOTS of duplicate coding. Sorry but I have no idea what you are asking. Hope you can help me. Therefore, I’ve limited the available frequency range from 10 Hz to 10 MHz in the software.

AD + Arduino Uno (ProblemPlease Help)

Must be interrupt pins. As I get more experience I will break up some of the functions and simplify the coding. Just wondering what the switch does that is connected to A5 on the Arduino?