In Alligation & Rule of Alligation, we study mixtures of two or more than two quantities that have different selling process or cost prices. In the section below, we. Alligation and Mixture Concepts and Formulas. Points to remember: Alligation: It refers to a rule that helps to find the ratio in which two or more ingredients at a. The questions on Mixtures and Alligations are asked repeatedly in CAT. Mixtures and Alligation Concepts for CAT Exam Preparation.

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Let total quantity alligatipn mixture be T. Now, we will see different formulae in mixture and alligations and their conceptss.

Let units of water to be added be x. Help us keep afloat. A container has 50 litres of milk in it. Time and Work Problems Difficult. Find the ratio of number of girls and boys.

So, we need to find the ratios of the quantity to find the quantity of salt that is mixed.

Mixtures and Alligation Concepts For CAT- Examples and Tricks

Average weight of boys is 30kg and average weight of girls is 15kg. How many must kgs of rice costing Rs 8 per kg be mixed with 36 kg of rice costing Rs 5.

Practice the actual exam questions. Cojcepts means that both vehicles have travelled equal amount of time out of 10 hours i. How much wine does the cask originally? Suppose a container contains a solution from which some quantity of solution is taken out and replaced with one of the ingredients.


Number formats Automatic Science Fixed Decimals. To appreciate the effort Lofoya.

Basic Concept and Tricks on Mixture and alligation

Vessel A contains milk and water in the ratio 4: Read below for its solution using alligation. When 2 or more different mixtures are mixed together, a compound mixture is formed.

If the mixture is worth Rs.

Learning is a step by step process and you should gradually progress in that to ace the process. Class Alligatlon has 30 students scoring average marks of 20 and Class B has 45 students scoring average marks of These questions may seem a little tricky at first, but it is similar concept applied repeteadly.

When the final amount of solute that is not replaced calculated as: Assume the water is free of cost. That is how we get the ratio between the boys and girls as When anc or more different ingredients are mixed together,a simple mixture is formed.

Only speed and time are aligation. Nevertheless this series will also contribute you all the tips and tricks to every miscellaneous sections and also all the important topics which are asked in the exams.

Find the average weight of the group in which boys and girls are taken together.

Mixtures and Alligation I – Introduction and formulas To Solve Mixtures And Alligation Questions

What fraction of the first sugar solution was replaced with second sugar solution? Time and Work Formula and Solved Problems. When two or more simple mixtures are mixed together, a compound mixture is formed.


Generally, in competitive exams like CAT or XATthe problems are not asked directly from these concepts, rather the techniques involved are applied for high difficulty level problems of CAT. Aptitude Alligations or Mixtures Introduction. Amit covers km in 10 hours. Your email address will not be published. Alligation is an important area of ocncepts aptitude for various competitive exams.

When two varieties of rice are mixed to form a new variety of rice then it is called as a mixture. So, here is an explanation of the Mixture and Alligation along with various illustrations to help the candidates learn the topic with ease.

Search Input your search keywords and press Enter. His total income in 3 years is Rs. April 24, at 1: Find the sum invested at different rates of interest?

Calculate the ratio of ingredients Repeat for all possible pairs Final ratio is the ratio obtained from step 2 if an ingredient is common in the ratios, add values for this particular ingredient Top.

P is produced by mixing chemical X and chemical Y in the ratio 5: Thus the ratio between the quantity of type A rice and type B rice is 0. We have seen the concept used in some of mitxure Data Interpretation questions as well, so this cannot be overlooked. Find the average weight of the whole class?