Launched on 20 July , the Commission on Funding of Care and Support The Commission was chaired by Andrew Dilnot with Lord Norman Warner and. In June , Dilnot was asked by the government to chair the report was welcomed by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley. Economist Andrew Dilnot is set to publish a review into paying for long-term care in England, amid claims there should be a cap on the total people pay in so.

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Councils will assume people funding themselves will spend the same amount as someone supported by the local reoprt with the same needs. Later Life Calls for one-off payment to fund social care.

Dilnot calls for cap on ‘catastrophic’ care costs

By using andre site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Evidence from other countries where free personal care is available shows that the funding pressures become so great the care becomes restricted and availability declines. On 16 Marchit was announced that “with very mixed emotions” Dilnot will leave St Hugh’s College in September to become the Warden of Nuffield College, Oxford”which will allow me to spend much more re;ort doing economics again.

David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has been told that the proposals – which the Coalition is broadly in favour of – can only be afforded by raising taxes or cutting spending in the next Comprehensive Spending Review in That means that those who are above a particular threshold are charged in part or in full for re;ort care.


Overview of key proposals. How does the cap work? Archived from the original on 20 January anvrew Sir Andrew said despite growing need from an ageing population, the number of people receiving residential care had barely increased since the turn of the century and consumers often have very little choice of suitable care homes with vacancies in their local authority.

One of these was sustainability, and Dilnot argues that free personal care is not sustainable, both in terms of finance as this would be the most expensive option and politics as a new Government could choose to overturn such a policy. Andrew Dilnot has recognised the vital work that carers do in supporting older people. Errors Please enter a valid email address.

Andrew Dilnot: ‘Elderly care costs to be capped at £35,’ – Telegraph

Heads of Houses of the University of Oxford. But the cautious and non-committal welcome they will give the recommendations reflect concern at the costs involved. To read more about how we use cookies and how you can control them read our cookie policy.

Carole Souter St Edmund Hall: Monday 31 December Share on Facebook Tweet Print Last updated: To deflect potential criticism that Mr Cameron is ducking a difficult issue, ministers will argue that they are deadly serious about addressing the issue of long term care for the elderly after years of Labour failing to act.

He also recommended a separate cap on the amount care homes are allowed to charge residents for food and accommodation.

Andrew Dilnot – Wikipedia

He stood down in Roger Goodman St Catherine’s: Mr Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband have both expressed their readiness to enter cross-party talks reporh seek consensus on the thorny issue. How best to ensure a secure old age for all. Views Read Rport View history. Some 20, people a year are thought to sell their homes to pay for care. The remaining changes have been delayed until April The cap works by recording the contributions that someone needs to pay personally towards their care.


He thinks that they have an important role to play so that people can afford low level services, meet the cost rreport disability and to meet costs if they have informal care provided by family and friends.

And Mr Lansley appeared to back him yesterday, saying it would not be fair if reform led to “people of working age paying additional andrww in order to support those who are older receiving additional benefits”.

There needs to be a white paper, where the Government puts forward its plans for change, and then there will need to be legislation.

Social care reviewer condemns UK system and calls for new tax

There are now 1. It is likely to be around when these proposals might come into effect. Dilnot has recommended that Attendance Allowance and Disability Living Allowance remain a feature of the support provided by Government.