INDEX TERMS: Babesiosis, cattle, Duffy antigen, hemoparasites. RESUMO.- [ Detecção e quantificação do antigeno Duffy vinos de países tropicais e. antigeno duffy pdf ABSTRACT Background: The negative homozygous condition for the Duffy blood group (FyFy) confers natural resistance to Plasmo dium. Detection and quantification of Duffy antigen on bovine red blood cell membranes using a polyclonal antibody Detecção e quantificação do antigeno Duffy nos.

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Hoy tambin se conoce que existe un cuarto alelo, el Fyx, y tambin se antigenno que este es una variante del Fyb. The antibody raised was specific to bovine Duffy antigen and was capable of recognizing the presence of this antigen in Bos taurus taurus and in Bos taurus indicus erythrocyte membranes. Fy-a and Fy-b differ by in a single amino acid at position Differences in the racial distribution of the Duffy antigens were discovered inwhen it was found that the overwhelming majority of blacks had the erythrocyte phenotype Fy a-b-: Evidence for difference antugeno erythrocyte surface receptors for malarial parasites Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium knowlesi.

The negative homozygous condition for dhffy Duffy blood group FyFy confers natural resistance to Plasmo dium vivax infection.


Pogo AO, Chaudhuri A The racial variation in the distribution of Duffy antigens is a result of a positive selection pressure—the absence of Duffy antigens on RBCs makes the RBCs more resistant to invasion by a malarial parasite.

Frequency of Duffy antigens Fy a: Gliding motility and cell invasion by Apicomplexa: Historically the role of this antigen other than its importance as a receptor for Plasmodium protozoa has not been appreciated.

The Fy x phenotype is associated with a missense mutation in the Fy b allele predicting Arg89Cys in the Duffy glycoprotein.

Reactions to Fy5 have also rarely been reported. ELISA tests showed that the antibody that was raised against Duffy antigens detected the presence of Duffy antigen in both subspecies and that the amount of this antigen on those erythrocyte membranes was similar. View in own window.


The Duffy glycoprotein is a transmembrane protein that spans the RBC membrane seven times and has an extracellular N-terminal domain and a cytoplasmic C-terminal domain.

The epitope Fy6 is required for P. View in Source Cite this paper. A third mutation a transversion in this gene has also been described – GT Alanine 49 Serine – that has been associated with the Fy-x phenotype. Binding melanoma growth-stimulating activity inhibits the binding of P. Interactions between the metastasis suppressor KAI1 on tumor cells and the cytokine receptor DARC on adjacent vascular cells suppresses tumor metastasis.

A difference between the susceptibility to Plasmodium vivax malaria has been reported.

Antigeno duffy pdf

The A cut-off 0. Three exons are present in humans and chimpanzees, whereas only two exons occur in the other species. The Duffy antigen binding protein in P. About Journal list Selection criteria.

EdsBiologia Dubremetz J. While the function of the Duffy antigen remains presently unknown, evidence is accumulating that suggests a role in neutrophil migration from the blood into the tissues [32] and in modulating the inflammatory response. Worldwide, of antjgeno four Plasmodium species that routinely cause malaria in humans, P. Weinstein LTaylor ES.

Click here to sign up. This review gives an overview of the erythrocyte invasion process, which has been described to include several different antigens.

Based on these alignments the Duffy antigen is considered to be most similar to the interleukin-8B receptors. Remember me on anntigeno computer.

Duffy antigen system

There appears to have been a selective sweep in Africa which reduced the incidence of this antigen there. Cattle infected with B. In some people who lack the Duffy antigen on their erythrocytes it may still be expressed in some cells.

Detection and quantification of Duffy antigen on bovine duffj blood cell membranes using a polyclonal antibody. The gene encodes a amino acid acidic glycoprotein. Support Center Support Center. After minutes of incubation to 1: The antibody titer of about duffu However, the results of the present work su- blood samples of Bos taurus taurus and Bos taurus indicus. Effect of cattle breed on innate resistance to inoculations of Babesia bigemina.


Annals of Human Biology. The genera Babesia and Plasmodium are Api- complexa hemoparasites and share features such as invasion of red blood cells RBC. A comparative study of this gene in seven mammalian species revealed significant differences between species.

The Duffy blood group – Blood Groups and Red Cell Antigens – NCBI Bookshelf

RESULTS A polyclonal antibody against bovine Duffy was produced, in order to detect and quantify Duffy antigens on the erythrocyte surfaces of Bos taurus indicus and Bos taurus taurus, since antibodies against human Duffy antigens cannot recognize bovine proteins which have a different aminoacid sequence mainly at the N-terminal.

A new variant in this population, consisting of the amino acid substitution of arginine for a cysteine at position 89 of the protein diminishes the ability to bind chemokines.

The antiggeno Duffy is the only human erythrocyte receptor for Pasmodium vivax and a mutation which abolishes expression of this glycoprotein on erythrocyte surfaces is responsible for making the majority of people originating from the indigenous populations of West Africa resistant to P. Animals from the subspecies Bos taurus indicus are more resistant to babe- siosis than those from Bos taurus taurus. Hemolytic disease of the newborn. There are two genetic backgrounds that give rise to the Duffy negative phenotype Fy a-b-