The Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge is a 12 Week Bootcamp involving . online for free along with a wealth of other information and recipes. challengesweek challenges; training sessionstraining sessions; nutritions nutritions; support & accountabilitysupport & accountability; team environment team. Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge: 13 questions and 41 answers on They advertise free trials and then hope that people forgot and about it and never.

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The equipment and content of each session are largely down to the trainers and managers of each individual location to organise.

We need more of this type of scrutiny instead of blind loyalty to someone who has no training, no qualifications, skills or experience that allows them to empire build with no ethics, morals or decency. The “certificate” Ashy has flashed in her marketing video, isn’t even real.

Absolutely terrible I have also been trying to get some sort of refund and have them stop taking money from my visa for a very long time It’s shocking. Ashy Bines herself is amazing don’t ever change and challenbe programs are amazing I have met so many amazing people through doing the programs.

Good support is a necessity if you want to make progress in your fitness goals. Unlikely, with that one, If i didn’t pick up on them taking money from my account this would still be going on. Call the text number – they tell you there is a tech error and you have come through to Gym in the other side of Australia. Have a look at Maxine’s Cree Plan!!!!

When should i be expecting it. AliceRoared 18 Jul 3: I seriously didn’t know what to expect and thought it would be difficult going from not training to training 6 days a week but its been amazing.


I have reviewed your correspondence with our team and also the findings of the independent review through fair trading. Don’t go with Ashy bines! Great trainers, fun and exciting sessions, very educational.

Ashy Bines 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge

She steals recepices and photos from other sites. I just joined to ask that exact same question. My area manager soon emailed with all of the other information necessary. Avoid using sauces in cooking as they are a calorie bombshell, replace them with herbs, lemon etc. I have Ashy Bines and my incredible trainer to thank!!!

I never got a refund they apparently send all information via email regarding terms and conditions never got them so after weeks of waiting for a reply she finally sent me some which I couldn’t locate anywhere on the website and I never recieved receipts for payments or knowledge my account was debited!

Make sure they process it as I had to request twice for this to be done. I get why people are complaining about the eating guidelines but I’ve found that the bootcamps are really quite separate from the Ashy stuff.

Latest Reviews Forum Posts.

Ashy Bines PDF Files (FREE) | { workouts } | Pinterest | Fitness, Bikini bodies and Ashy bines

Ashy Bines replied on May 13, The best diet is no effort lol screw weighing food!! Considering I have not gotten a further reply from their “support team” and all my comments on the Facebook page have been deleted and my ability to leave comments disabled I will vent my anger here too.

It’s been two years since I’ve joined and I love it!

Ashy Bines Official Hi Rosie. Online program needs an App so it’s easier to follow. I even contacted my bank to block them when the were not contactable and the bank informed me the way it is set up they can not stop Ashy Bines taking money from my account unless I shut the whole account down!

  BS EN 10210-2 PDF

Since becoming more educated on weight loss, health and fitness, I have learned that most of the information available in the guidelines is available online for free along with a wealth of other information and recipes. Next Article Ashy Bines: I hit an all time low, so started out with the Clean Eating guidelines, then progressed onto her Bikini Body Challenge.

Ashy Bines replied on Jul 11, When people asked her for support she said you can find it on google. Hello and thank you for your question. I just want ashy to cance my subscription and get refunded as I didn’t even know I had signed up! Can those that HAVE purchased it tell me if there is any real difference in her advise to her eating plan than those of any other for example Tony Ferguson or other similar program’s?

I sent them an email aswell, be careful, even after they said i wouldn’t be charged anymore – they charged me two more weeks.

How it works

This is where things go wrong. One of my friends was sent the clean eating plan from a client and she passed it onto me, I was really disappointed because it boody just common sense, all the stuff in it is stuff a lot of people already know.

As for Ashy Bines herself. Great forum full of supportive girls sharing ideas, experiences and recipes.