Official School Calendar. Amarillo Independent School District. MLK: Jan. 21 In the event that AISD schools are closed due to weather conditions. January Austin Independent School District. Student/Staff Holiday. Staff Development/. Student Holiday. School Calendar. School Year Calendar. During the board meeting for the month of February, Trustees approved the calendar for the school year.

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Designed to make policy into something concrete, they spun out of the chaos that was the now-infamous Facility Master Plan debacle of sustin Even with an extra year of work, the single-sex plan has won few friends, and the administration has cooled even further, talking about unnamed alternative program redesign at Pearce and Garcia.

Intended as a grand exercise in strategy, the master plan’s two immediate legacies were infuriating families who feared school closures and helping catapult task force member Kathie Tovo onto City Council. Last Monday, she presented her item draft list for the school year, broken into manageable chunks.

Romney 55, Obama 40 YouGov Sep Trump 50,1, Clinton Our school opened its doors in and was named after Mary Ellen Cunningham, a kind and caring teacher in Central Texas during the late s, retiring from Austin ISD in Subscribe to our Feed via Iad.

At the bottom of the heap is tier C, a grab-bag to be punted to the citizens’ bond advisory committee for further scrutiny. Last year, Carstarphen brought forward six proposals, and the trustees approved five of them — including the controversial decision to hand Allan Elementary over to charter system IDEA Public Schools. E very child D eserves U nconditional: However, Superintendent Meria Carstarphen took the bones of its long-term proposals and created a new system where staff would create an annual wish list of big projects for the board to approve.


But it’s not just what will make the final AAFR list isf unclear: Many of them have scaled back their cuts, but they 2012-1 still left with a lot of them, and they will likely need to make more for the academic year, as some of the changes in the funding formula were backloaded. Thank you for visiting our school’s website!

Inside Aldine – School Calendar for Approved

He added that those hires would happen as-needed once the school year starts. Mission Statement Cunningham is dedicated to educating and guiding a community of successful lifelong learners with a global perspective on academic excellence, a healthy mind and body, and a creative passion as information leaders. But the suspicion held by many activists — and some board members — is that the cart has been placed before the calendaf, that major strategic changes for the district ausfin snuck through disguised as facilities investments.

Abbott 54, Davis 38 YouGov, Oct The Trib reminds us of the big picture. Abbott 48, Davis 40 YouGov, Sep But when exactly did the board say it wanted ise new single-sex academy — or, as is proposed at the moment, up to three new single-sex schools?

Cunningham Elementary School | Austin, TX

Abbott 49, Davis 42 Rasmussen, Mar Cobra Green Learn more about our Green Connection. Cruz 38, O’Rourke 37 Crosswinds, September Austin district officials cut about campus positions under the change in staffing formulas. Again, this is because the final state budget was less draconian than the original House […]. Trump 42, Clinton 36 Texas Lyceum, Sep Cunningham is dedicated to educating and guiding a community of successful lifelong learners with a global perspective on academic excellence, a healthy mind and body, and a creative passion as information leaders.


This plan isn’t a male equivalent to the Ann Richards Academy for Young Women Leaders, but a drastic proposal to convert Pearce and Garcia middle schools into separate boys’ and girls’ campuses.

The Austin school board voted Monday to sustin plans to expand class sizes to save money, reverting to the ideal student-teacher ratio of to-1 for classes in kindergarten through the fourth grade and prompting a need to hire dozens of teachers.

Pflugerville Independent School District

The Max at Cheer Up Charlies. Subscribe to All One click gets you all the newsletters listed below. Not all districts have been forced to cut staff. More cuts, fewer teachers Back to school Senate committee restores some money to public education.

Then there’s category B, which includes undercooked projects that still need more work, like new academic programs for Pearce and Garcia middle schools and the Eastside Memorial Vertical Team, plus the long-delayed purchase of land for a sorely needed South Austin high school. Romney 54, Obama 38 YouGov Nov 3: Contact Phone Fax Berkeley Ave. Support the free press, so we can support Austin. Now more than ever, we need your support to continue supplying Austin with independent, free press.

Education policy wonks love to talk about school accountability and high-stakes testing.