Carpe Jugulum has ratings and reviews. Lyn said: Go for the throat! That may not be the exact translation for Carpe Jugulum, the title to T. 83 quotes from Carpe Jugulum (Discworld #23; Witches #6): ‘And sin, young man , is when you treat people like things.’. Carpe Jugulum is a comic fantasy novel by Terry Pratchett, the twenty third in the Discworld series. It was first published in In Carpe Jugulum, Terry.

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The Annotated Pratchett File v – Carpe Jugulum

Personal tools Create account Log in. Just when it seems all is lost, Granny Weatherwax comes through the front door, soaked to the bone and swaying with exhaustion. She confronts a problem more powerful than herself Vampires When dragons belch and hippos flee My thoughts, Ankh-Morpork, are of thee Let others boast of martial dash For we have boldly fought with cash We own all your helmets, we own all your shoes We own all your generals – touch us and you’ll lose. Mighty Oats, the Omnian priest, is another questioning soul, going through a pfatchett of faith.

It’s true what people say, that you enjoy his books very much when you’ve read some of the others – and as far as I’m concerned that’s because his characters are so loveable.

Porphyria is a very rare, genetic blood disorder, one form of which includes the symptoms of severe light sensitivity, reddish-brown urine and teeth, deformation of the nose, ears, eyelids, and fingers, an excess of body hair, and anaemia. This is the second time Greebo has taken out a vampire — he ate a bat in Witches Abroad — which suggests that there are other ways of killing them than those sophisticated methods prescribed by folklore.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. They find Granny Weatherwax living in a cave in seclusion and are unable to convince her to help. Combined with Igor’s previous comment that ‘the Century of the Fruitbat has its compensations’, this suggests that B.

As I suggested I’m not a huge fan of vampire novels, namely because they have been overused. It’s a pleasure each time. Like this book because, 1. It’s a bit of a mess, and great fun! It was written before vam I was in just exactly the right mood for this. Children already know that dragons exist.

I just love the whole Ogg family. In fact they simply move in with Magrat and her husband not realising that anything is actually wrong namely because they have been mind controlled. There are at least three distinct theories about why holy symbols repel vampires.

Talks back to a vampire – “I’m fed up with you smarming at me smarmily as if you were Mr. Now this was unexpectedly one of my favorites of the whole Discworld so far!

Many of the popular myths about medieval treatment of witches, including many of the various tests by ordeal, first appeared in this book. The Carppe have become terrified of their weakness but the Count remains as strong as ever, due to his complete faith jugupum staying immune, and takes baby Esmerelda as a hostage. However, young witch Agnes Nitt and the priest, an Omnian traveller called Mightily Oats are able to resist their power due to their split personalities.


Book:Carpe Jugulum

Carpe Jugulum is one of my favourites prattchett the series. Fortunately, you feel that for other characters you’ve never read about before – poor Mightily Oats – so I shouldn’t think that newcomers to Pratchett will miss out on much.

They defeat me every time. Carpe Jugulum, seize the throat. I kind of felt I knew Terry at some personal level after that, even though we never met. It has been suggested that it explains some aspects of both vampire and werewolf legends. But there’s something about this set of letters, because Ptraci says the same thing in Pyramidsand in Feet of Clayin her sleep, Sybil says ‘wsfgl’. I have seen Granny confront her dark self — that was how Witches Abroad ended.

Yes, often he recycles plots and tropes. Can Nanny, Magrat and Agnes, the operatic latest addition to the coven, find Granny and save the kingdom, with the help of a priest of Om?