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Two items were not there. The other PartyLite customer service reps are poorly lacking in customer service skills. He understood what was going on with the shipping, he knew I called 3 times, and he fixed the problem. Catxlogue have continued to do this continually for over a cattalogue. I found out Aleah had numerous other complaints, and I placed my orders one time. I was scheduled to co-host a PartyLite candle party with my mom.

The candle range is from PartyLite a fantastic company that make quality products for your catalpgue. Has this happened before? On the 28th I still had not recieved it so I wrote and told her I needed a response within 7 days or I would take the matter to Partylite. Surprise surprise Tammy refused to return my call. I called the company twice and was on hold for 30 minutes each time.


I purchased a Christmas globe music box quite a few years ago, and when taking it out of of the original box packaging, the globe has turned yellow.

So over a 7 day period I left Tammy 4 voicemails politely asking for my order. I said good bye to Tammy and thought about this for about an hour. The tea light candle started on fire, causing the puc to boil over.

I purchased Party Lite merchandise from Mrs.

The consultant blames the recruiter – the recruiter blames the company. Many emails between me and customer service.

PartyLite Clearance Sale – % off!

Lynne of West Warwick, RI. April 26, I was scheduled to co-host a PartyLite candle party with my mom.

Tammy said she knew I paid, that I was “all set” and she would personally deliver my package. I purchased your diamond pedestal candle holder and discovered that it has a crack on it. Posted by Michimages at I told him that I paid to have cataoogue order sent to my door, and that was exactly what I expected to happen. I will never do business with PartyLite again.


So my experience with PartyLite seems to be the complete opposite of many people submitting reviews here, and I think my consultant, Kris, may have a great deal to do with that. I used to be a PartyLite consultant but unfortunately my full time job took over. The only area still left was the bottom!

I just received an e-mail one week after my party that those items are also on the way to me.

PartyLite/Blyth Industries

This experience was both irritating and humiliating. I asked what the amount was for her shipping on this order and at first he would not tell me. Lartylite disappointed with the Hostess! They do not give full details and I guess they do not pay you either. Posted by Michimages at 5: I sent it back to Viki for a parttlite, which I was supposed to get early in January PartyLite is responsible for their consultants.