GM Ruslan Scherbakov analyzes the Chebanenko System 6.c5 D15, QGD 4 6.e3 c5 D37, Moscow Variation D43, Botvinnik Variation Na4 D GM Ruslan Scherbakov analyzes Chebanenko System, The Slow Slav Vienna Variation Botvinnik Variation Latvian Bayonet Eljanov – Karjakin Onischuk. GM Ruslan Scherbakov analyzes Chebanenko System, Main Slav Ragozin System Vienna Variation Botvinnik Variation QGD Classical Approach Bacrot.

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This game also proved to be my last — since that day, I have never played in another official tournament. Qxb2 the queen gets trapped after Here is how I would approach the material using it within ChessBase 12 or systen of the Fritz family of programs; the ChessBase Reader that comes bundled with the DVD does not have such extensive functionality:. You will get acquainted with the most important tactical tactics of the chess game, allowing to reach the enemy king and declare he mate.

The inventor of the Slav System with a6 | ChessBase

Nb8-d7 [DD66] Tkachiev – Graf: Bf4 Variation [D37] Grachev – Vaganian: Both players were equal to the task in a total mess but then White overestimated his position with an extra queen against two minor pieces. Of course, the rook cannot be taken, since Black queens a pawn. Annotate, analyze and share. Kg7 is very much alive:.


Slavic defense. The Chebanenko system

In this game she clearly outplayed her opponent and finished the game in style. However, soon it was Black who was on top though she later unnecessarily sacrificed her queen and wasn’t too upset to get a draw.

Enjoy the best moments of recent top tournaments World Cup, Isle of Man Open with analysis of top players.

This book is a repertoire of Bologan for black for all the answers of the whites to Advertising Books, boards, sets: White sacrificed a chebaneenko and got sufficient compensation, the somewhat creative play of both sides wasn’t free from mistakes and after a chebanenoo of exchanges the game simplified into a drawish ending.

The more you make the material your own, the better you will play and understand the opening. Bologan on the improved Chebanenko. The April update covers recent developments. Designed for fans of painting and chess. Store your games, training material and opening repertoire in the cloud.

In addition you’ll get lots of training material.

Bologan shows the typical plans, piece chfbanenko, and easy-to-remember tricks and ideas, along with the positional nuances of different moves in certain setups. Books are modern, any teacher or coach can work on them. It seems to me that the following story ought to interest not only grandmasters, but also historians of chess chebanenkoo, and indeed, all chess lovers. Alexander Onischuk benefited from his own unhappy experience – the ending which he failed to defend as Black six years ago brought him a full point with White this time.


Still no ChessBase Account? Build and maintain your repertoire.

Black’s slow approach gives White a good opportunity to comfortably develop his pieces. Golenishchev’s programs are still considered.

White played an ambitious setup and managed to complicate the game but at the important juncture he misplayed and lost the game quickly. Two chapters are devoted to the new strategic direction of black counterplay, connected with early exchange on d4 and the subsequent attack of the center. In the brief introduction, Bologan notes that the Chebanenko Variation includes a variety of setups for Black and incorporates ideas from the Slav, of course, and the Classical Queen’s Gambit Declined, with setups and plans sharing common ground with the Cyebanenko and Cambridge Springs structures.

The two opponents resumed theoretical argument that they had begun at the World Cup in Chebanenko also developed the system with 3.

A Head Start: Bologan on the improved Chebanenko

For a wide range of chess lovers. Rb1 in the Botvinnik in excellent style. Valentina Gunina chose a simple approach but in fact it was not without poison:.