M iss T AH E R S H AB B IR H U S S AIN of class XII – B ______ in the _ CH E Chemistry Project on STUDY OF ADULTERANTS IN FOOD I. CHEMISTRY PROJECT Submitted For Exam AISSCE TOPIC OF THE PROJECT FOOD ADULTERATION Department Of Chemistry. (chemistry project- ‘to study adulterants on food’). Date of Submission: (i). NAME- AZIZUR RAHMAN. CLASS- `12th ‘B’. ROLL No- Admn. No-.

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It’s harmful efect is that it is highly carcinogenic and if consumed over a continuous period of time it can also cause stomach disorders.

for my dear juniors. enjoy.: c.b.s.e class 12th project work on chemistry free download

Food Adulteration A Threat to Consumers: Mustard seeds and mustard oil: The food is sucked of its nutrients and the place where the food is grown is often contaminated. Class xii physics project cbse page 2 Documents. Class 12 Computer Documents.

Any food Inspector can enter and inspect any place where any article of food is manufactured or stored for sale or stored for the manufacture of any chemisfry article of food for sale or exposed or exhibited adulteratio sale or where any adulterant is manufactured or kept and take samples of such article of food or adulterant for analysis. For preventing it our government has made some certain commissions and laws.


Milk is mixed with water. To differentiate t hose w ho take advantage of legal rules from the ones who commit food adulteration is very difficult.

Brick dust in chilli powder, coloured chalk powder in turmeric. Experiment 1 10 V.

Chemistry Project For class 12 cbse on Food Adulteration

Beverages, such as tea and cofee, made with boiled water. H2SO4acet ic acid, conc.

Appearance of magenta colour shows t he presence of yellow oxides of lead in turmeric powder. In our daily life there are so many unhygienic and contaminated things for our health. Droplet s of oil surface.

Here adulterant is starch used to give it thick, rich texture. Taher Shabbir Hussain Class: Metanil yellow in Dal: But the change has made no diference at the ground level.

It is surprising that the fraudsters are always one step ahead of the safety agencies when it comes to detecting adulteration and their techniques are increasingly becoming more and more sophisticated with time. This gum is obtained by boiling animal parts like tail,the nose,the udder etc. Ignorance and unfair market behavior may endanger consumer healt h and misleading can lead t o poisoning. Some of them have even been classifed as carcinogens or cancercausing substances.

A more specifc type of fraud is the fraudulent addition of non-authentic substances or removal or replacement of authentic substances without the purchaser’s knowledge for economic gain of the seller.


Of all forms of adulteration the most reprehensible was the use of poisonous colouring matters in the manufacture of jellies and sweets. Salicylic, benzoic, and boric acids, and their sodium chemistyr, formaldehyde, ammonium fuoride, sulphurous acid and its salts are among the principal preservatives.

Instead of tackling adulteration and the issue of food safety, the authority appears preoccupied with issues connected with the packaged food industry. Experiment 2 11 VI.

Cbse class xi and xii, physics and chemistry books for sale 1. The following methods may be used for treating water to make it safe for drinking and other purposes.

Chemistry Project For class 12 cbse on Food Adulteration

In order to improve the flavor of adulterated ghee tributyrin is added. There does not appear to be any lasting solution to this vexed problem. According to the authors of the paper, food fraud may be more risky than traditional threats to the food supply because the adulterants used in these activities often are unconventional and designed fof avoid detection through routine analyses. Most of our things our contaminated.