Map of Chiricahua National Monument, southeast Arizona, showing roads, trails and other features. The 8-mile paved scenic drive and miles of day-use hiking trails provide opportunities to discover the beauty, natural Chiricahua National Monument Map. Chiricahua National Monument is a unit of the National Park System located in the Chiricahua Map showing the location of Chiricahua National Monument.

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Map of Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona

The 8-mile paved scenic drive and miles of day-use hiking trails provide opportunities to discover the beauty, natural sounds, and inhabitants of this 11, acre site.

Visit the Faraway Ranch Historic District to discover more about the people who have called this area home. Worth every step to the top! You can start this hike at the visitors center the only option I had during the shutdown. You will probably need yaktraks or some type of snow spikes. Due to government shutdown, road is closed just past the campground.

There was increasing amounts of snow on the trail starting about a mile in, due to trail on north facing slopes. Some areas 3 inches deep.

Best Trails in Chiricahua National Monument – Arizona | AllTrails

Trees and branches beautifully coated from recent storm. Nice snow scenes in heart of rocks loop as well. This trail will be slick in next day or two. Hiking poles recommended for anticipated icy conditions. It snowed the night before and they closed the roads down, so I was the only out on the Big Loop which was incredible. This was a pretty moderate hike, very unique place!

The first mile or so is rocky river bed. The remainder is really fun. The map with gps will save you if you get off track. Excellent trail – not difficult at all beyond the distance. Great scenery at the Heart of Rocks Loop. Pleasant along the way with some open, hilly terrain and other forested terrain.

Great place to get away from things and take some pics without pushing oneself too hard with a tough climb. Trail ends at another trail heading to Burro saddle. The first few miles were my favorite— the Trail To inspiration point was not as neat and the Trail was a little overgrown but overall a great hike! Put this one on your list! We got there around 8: Returned to Chiricahuas after visiting years ago, and it’s still magical. Parked at the visitor center and hiked up Rhyolite Canyon to heart of the rocks.

Shaded almost the entire way and very quite. Heart of the Rocks is so awesome! Lunch at Inspiration Point.


Saw only one pair of hikers the entire day. We did the Big Loop today and loved it! The weather was perfect so we decided to veer off on the Heart of Rocks Loop as well as Inspiration Point. The hike was challenging, but the views were so worth it!

They were also monumeng friendly when we stopped to buy a souvenir after our hike. I would definitely recommend this hike to others, and we definitely mmonument to go back! Started at Echo Canyon parking lot and entered to the right konument the canyons.

If you’re doing the whole loop back to the parking lot, it’s not 8 miles like listed, it’s between miles. For us ended up being We did not do the heart of rock loop so keep that in mind for your mileage. The second half of the trail past Balancing rock is not as breathtaking as the canyons but still beautiful. It’s all mostly up hill from there!! VERY scenic with hoodoos that you nagional through for the first 1. The hike was way worth it. Every turn was jaw dropping.

Wall Street was so cool. Thoroughly enjoyed this hike. Will be back to finish it all. You can see everything on this trail.

Various angles to see these rocks. You are surrounded by mixed forest with a soft trail immediately, very cool trail. Beautiful scenic drive through some stunning rock formations and great views of the park. Very rocky to negotiate but worth it.

Spectacular views of rock formations and trees and forest. This is a beautiful easy to moderate trail depending on your activity level.

The rock formations are amazing. Take your time and enjoy this one. Nationa, hike with varying environments and views. Wonderful drive with views along the way and vistas at the end. Do this loop along with the entire larger loop and stops if you can.

Do the whole thing if you can, but plan accordingly. I also finished the last few miles in the dark after hiking 10 miles in seven hours including stops.

Caught it all though, including sunset followed by stars. Heart of Rocks specifically is the furthest point in.

The loop is amazing! Chiricahua is an incredible place. I giggle when I read the trail is supposed to start from echo canyon and finishing with Ed Riggs We missed that memo And this shuttle they speak of. Lol missed that too. We did it in reverse If you decide to go to echo canyon parking Don’t go Ed Riggs in reverse bc you’ll be in awe of the scenery take lot of pictures and take breaks to snack And took lots of pictures which murdered trail time And yet we are rookies and went to the visitor center and got advice and it wasn’t made clear to us what we were about to endure I wouldn’t take it back for the world but I would have gotten there at 9am.


We started at am We went the extra mile round-trip loop to Inspiration Point and enjoyed our time up there probably a little bit longer than we should have But definitely swing by Inspiration Point You’ll see lots of interesting trees that were burned from a previous fire then the breathtaking view of Inspiration Point was on point.

We climbed on rocks and took lots of pictures and enjoyed the cool windy breeze. Truly an amazing trek.

Best Trails in Chiricahua National Monument

Back to the trail towards the Heart of Rocks trail It had snowed a few days prior so we experienced snow patches and had actually utilized cleans snow for water bc we miscalculated By the time we hit Sarah Deming we were getting tired and out pace wasn’t super fast Pretty much in the dark. We had some sandwiches and granola bars and melted snow in our water bottles except my Yeti decided to keep my snow frozen Smh so the last 2.

I had a high lumens flashlight in my backpack at high – – at medium mainly used medium to preserve battery life and it was challenging to say the least bc we couldn’t find part of the trail where to go bc of the dark.

We eventually found it and it was a serious uphill climb and the paths were challenging due to our fatigue We found the sign for echo Park and couldn’t see anything so I’m sure we missed some amazing formations But we trekked the best we could and made it back to the Echo Canyon Parking lot Round pm.

I had a great and patient hiking buddy and we laugh about surviving but if we didn’t have that flashlight and trekking poles We’d probably stayed the night Learned a great lesson. Understand the map and the times it’ll take to each trail and also incorporate time you’re planning on taking in the views and photography and exploration But i know about the shuttle now What a difference that would make Oh and the bathrooms at the Echo Canyon parking lot are the cleanest indoor outhouses Ive ever experienced.