Damianita, Hierba de San Nicolas, False Damiana, Mariola, Romerillo, Garanona, San Nicolas, Calanca, Yeyepaxtle Chrysactinia mexicana. Asteraceae. Chrysactinia mexicana: Damianita in hot, dry climates. Scientific: Chrysactinia mexicana. Common: damianita (now that’s weird) Family: Asteraceae Origin: High deserts of NE Arizona, SE Utah and SW Colorado to.

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From the National Suppliers Directory According to the inventory provided by Associate Suppliers, this plant is available at the following locations: Gets about 1 ft high.

Results obtained in the OFT agree with chrrysactinia observations. Studies carried out in the U.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center – The University of Texas at Austin

The aqueous extracts evaluated here were obtained and chemically characterized previously by our work group [ 102122 ]. Even more so, we do not have sufficient evidence to suggest that the hypersensitivity of sexually satiated males to drugs would include crude extracts.

Sexual satiation has been mainly studied in male rats, and males of other mammalian species, such as hamster [ 12 ], guinea pig [ 13 ], rabbit [ 14 ], and Rhesus macaque [ 15 ] demonstrated similar behavior after sustained sexual activity. One week after the final sexual behavior evaluation, male chrysatcinia were randomly assigned to the treatments rats per group following a Latin square design, in which each rat has the same opportunity to receive any treatment.

Plant Database

Levi De Stein et al. One h after drug administration, the rats were tested in a Plexiglass cage with the floor divided into 12 equal squares. I am looking for seed of Damianita daisy? Showy, Aromatic, Attractive Use Wildlife: Our previous phytochemical investigations of the aerial parts of Cm led us to obtain a number of secondary metabolites; many of these are flavonoids in relatively high abundance [ 2122 ].


This difference in pharmacological potency may have implications for the ethnomedical use of species as aphrodisiac remedies.

Technically a shrub; used like a flower. It has to be moved very carefully, will die if it isn’t done just right. I have had them re-bloom if we have a rainy period usually in the fall. The sexual exhaustion state in the control group was characterized by a low percentage of males exhibiting mounts, intromissions, and ejaculations and no males demonstrating mating behavior after ejaculation. Free apigenin is present in several plants and is consistently reported to produce anxiolytic, antidepressant, and prosexual effects [ 4144 ].

These neurotransmitters participate in sexual performance [ 9 ] and in the reversal of the sexual exhaustion state [ 162329 ]. This result agrees with data from previous literature demonstrating the high efficacy of yohimbine in the reversal of sexual satiation [ 16 ]. Mine is now a good sized mature plant and I have lots of seedlings in various sizes. View at Google Scholar J.

Under these conditions, paired comparisons showed that Cm at higher dose, Td, and yohimbine significantly reduced the PEI regarding this arbitrary value. Search Chtysactinia for Chrysactinia mexicana. Male rats treated with Cm or Td extracts mexicanz yohimbine exhibited a normal pattern of movements during the course of copulation, which was not different from that shown by satiated males receiving the vehicle, or even from sexually experienced males observations from the same males prior to the sexual exhaustion test.

The effects of treatments on sexual behavior were not related with alterations in general locomotion. Older plants may take on a twisted, gnarled appearance. Search More Titles in Bibliography. It is chrysactina to germinate but it is a slow grower. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. In addition, it has been shown that the combination of subthreshold doses of apomorphine, a dopaminergic agonist, synergizes with subthreshold doses of yohimbine, to reverse sexual exhaustion.


Excellent border plant for flower bed or a ground cover for crysactinia or hot exposed areas. Specific studies are necessary to support these hypotheses. In traditional medicine, C. Do not water from above. It has been extensively documented that sexually satiated rats exhibit generalized hypersensitivity to drugs acting on different neurotransmitter systems [ 33 ].

They are low-growing about 1′ and spread out to maybe 2′ across. Sexual Behavior Evaluation 2.

It looks good in or out of bloom. On the other hand, the main feature of the sexual exhaustion paradigm is the central inhibition of male sexual behavior stimulated by repeated copulation with a single sexually receptive female [ 162327 ].

Independent groups of SExh males were per meexicana p. The authors declare that there are no conflicts of interests regarding the publishing of this paper. Sounds like they are more prone to r Damianita daisy Chrysactinia mexicana.

Indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded. In the vehicle-control group, no satiated male was able to normally copulate with fresh, sexually receptive females. Meicana Twenty four h after prolonged copulation, sexually satiated males of the control group rats treated with the vehicle showed an inhibition of sexual behavior determined by a reduction in the number of subjects able to demonstrate regular sexual behavior.