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Convert current into mV by using a suitable conditioning resistance to measure D. The thing is displaying erroneous values. Somebody pls tell me… Does the tolerance of the capacitors used matter?? The process taking place inside our ADC can be stated as follows.

(PDF) CS7107GP Datasheet download

Yes, you can use ICL I assembled this circuit few years back and it is still working fine. Hi, with so many complaints of thsi circuit I think I might not should trust this electronics engineeeeeeeeer! At the end of the preset period the integrator is fed with an internal reference voltage and the output of the circuit is gradually reduced until it reaches the level of the zero reference voltage. I completly removed R4, but it is not working linearely… Anybody tryed to use the V range?

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I need pcb layout of digital voltmeter using ic To find out the correct PCB dimensions you have to print it some times at different scales and try to fit the IC on the print. Can anyone help me please? C7 and C6 are nF filter capacitors not shown in schematic 3 years ago.


What is the recommended input voltage which is connected in R5 pin numbers 30 and 31?.

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Copyright of this circuit belongs to smart kit electronics. This second phase is known as the negative slope period and its duration depends on the output of the integrator in the first period. I made a digital voltmeter with ICL but display is not stable please help me. First of all let us consider a few basics in building electronic circuits on a printed circuit board. Hello A similar project datasheey available with PCB and the works, do daasheet the same.

The pin5 representing the dot is connected to ground only for the third display and its position needs to be changed when you change the range of the volt meter by altering R4. Sir is it necessary to use MAN led display or I can use any common anode single digit display. Do not have much experience. Audio oscillator circuit Simple function generator circuit Digital thermometer circuit Capacitance meter using LM Frequency to voltage converter using LM We recommend: This type of converter is generally preferred over other types as it offers accuracy, simplicity in design and a relative indifference to noise which makes it very reliable.

CSGP Datasheet, PDF – Datasheet Search Engine

R4 controls the range of the voltmeter. You will need to add an additional voltage divider to scale the Datsaheet to 2Vdc and be sure to use high value resistors to limit the current consumption on the resistor divider.


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Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi I would like to measure the output voltage in mV range, and my input voltage will be given by the Piezoelectric diodes pressure sensor. The capacitor C3 and the resistor R5 are together the circuit that does the integration of the input voltage and at the same time prevent any division of the input voltage making the circuit faster and more reliable as datasheeet possibility of error is greatly reduced.

I need help on this.

CS7107GP Datasheet PDF

Built this cct yesterday and it works really well. Hi Seetharaman, Can you pls design a PCB for this lovely Circuit, or if you have one already,where can i download the same. The capacitor C2 which is connected between pins 33 and 34 of the IC has been selected to compensate for the error caused by the internal reference voltage and also keeps the display steady.

I beeternot build this,NO? Led display digital Voltmeter http: I was told that these are the ext.

This is an easy to build, but nevertheless very accurate and useful digital voltmeter. You can use any common anode display. The working of this electronic circuit is very simple. The circuits built into the IC are an analogue to digital converter, a comparator, cd7107gp clock, a decoder and a seven segment LED display driver.