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Hot-rolled products in weldable fine grain structural steels; part 2: delivery conditions for normalized/normalized rolled steels; German version EN Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering DINWelding of reinforcing steel – Part 1: Execution of welding operations (FOREIGN STANDARD)-This standard deals with the requirement for .

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Coefficient to determine equivalent span. Minimum lap lengths of transverse bars. Page 23 DIN 0499-1 Final creep coefficient for normalweight concrete in a dry indoor atmosphere. In such cases, there is no need to determine the structurally indeterminate moment due to prestressing, since the action-effects due to prestressing cannot be distinguished from those due to loading.

DIN 德国混凝土标准()Plain, reinforced and prestressed concrete-英文版_图文_百度文库

General shrinkage strain of normal-weight concrete for t approaching infinity Key: Minimum diameters of mandrels for welded bent reinforcement. The serviceability analysis ensures the fitness-for-use, and to some extent the durability, of a structure. Page 7 DIN Exposure classes 1 2 Description of environment 3 4 Minimum concrete strength class Class Examples where exposure classes may occur 1 No risk of corrosion or attack X0 No risk of attack Members without reinforcement in a non-aggressive environment e.


If the line of zero strain is located in the cross section, the stress block from figure 25 may also be used as the pattern of stress in the concrete under the given conditions.

Approximate effective spans for calculation of effective flange width. In non-linear analysis, fcR, fyR, fpR, and g R shall be given the values from subclause 8. Transverse tensile stresses in compression joints. Connection of flange and web notation Diagram of resisting tensile forces tension envelope and anchorage lengths in flexural members.

For other cross-sectional shapes, the dispersion length and the respective local stress distribution should be established applying the principles of elastic theory. Page 58 DIN This does not, however, apply to members of exposure class XC1.

CONNIE: SI: Regulations directory : DIN

Parameters of stress-number diagrams for prestressing steel. Partial safety factors for actions on structures at ultimate limit state 1 Effects permanent actions, gG 1 2 a 2 Partial safety factor for variable actions, gQ 0,5 ddin 3 prestressing, gP a b 1,0 1,0 Favourable Unfavourable 1,05 1,35 This applies on condition that prestressing is considered as an action due to anchorage forces and forces associated with changes in direction or as an action-effect cf.

This also applies to reinforced concrete walls connected to slabs. Bond stress, as a function of actual concrete compressive strength. Lap joints of fin reinforcing fabric example. Page 45 DIN Shear reinforcement in the anchorage zone without transverse compression for bar diameters over 32 mm. In this standard, application rules are shaded grey to distinguish them from principles. A more accurate analysis will be required if the conditions in equations 41 and 42 are not met. Alternatively, resistance to wear may be improved by increasing the concrete cover, in which case cmin should be raised by about 5 mm for exposure class XM1, 10 mm for XM2 and 15 mm for XM3.


Subscription pricing is determined by: Outside the transmission length or on appearance of the first crack i. General shrinkage strain of normalweight concrete for t approaching infinity.

Area of tension reinforcement, A sl, for determining longitudinal reinforcement ratio. Design shall be carried out in accordance with the principles of this standard.

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Sections for analysis of punching shear reinforcement. Spacings s and s 0 for calculation 40991- a1. Welding operations shall be executed as specified in DIN