Drona Parva – Day 13 – The Extraordinary Abhimanyu – Part 2 (continued from: ). Drona Parva – Day 15 – The Narayana Astra – Part 2 (continued from: https://www. ) Ashwatthama. Drona Parva. At the beginning of Drona Parva,we join the action during an uneasy hiatus after ten days of fighting. The warring cousins stand face to face on the.

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Reluctantly, Bheem assented to Krishna’s instructions. The Super-destructive Narayan-astra Thousands of arrows with blazing mouths appeared in the welkin, resembling snakes of fiery mouths, that continued to agitate the Pandavas. If you simply follow His will, then you will understand everything in time. After mentioning each of the departed kings and describing their sacrifices and pious acts, Sage Vyasa concluded, “When such personalities had to die, each of them far superior to the prince in point of piety, you should not lament for the boy.

Drona Parva traditionally has 8 sub-books and chapters. However, Duryodhana is so desperate to gain ground against the Pandavas that it is not long before he angrily accuses Drona of fighting halfheartedly against his former students. To the best of his ability, Abhimanyu tried to ward off the attacks. Here I am, ready to destroy your pride. Drona Parva describes the appointment of Drona as commander-in-chief of the Kaurava alliance, on the 11th day of the Kurukshetra Warthe next four days of battles, and his death on the 15th day of the day war.


Drona Parva

He lay with a peaceful expression on his handsome face, his red eyes gazing up at the sky. O Karna, listen carefully. Parca his army in dronq of flight and deprived of its senses, and beholding Parthas standing indifferent, Dharma’s son said these words.

He will spend the rest of the battle a mere spectator, his life ebbing slowly as each day passes. Yudhishthir was consoled, but he was still worried how to broach the news to Arjun. After a few moments, he began to narrate the ancient history of the origin of death in the world–how Brahma first brought it into being. Yudhishthir composed himself and stood to receive the sage.

The sun had reached the western horizon just as the prince was slain. He has already slain your father and now stands ready to kill you as well. They looked on him as if he were a forest fire extinguished after consuming a forest during the summer season, or a tempest that parvaa died down after crushing countless trees.

Drona Parva – Vyasa Mahabharata

Ashwatthama meets Sage Vyas As Ashwatthama was running, he met Drons Vyas, who was approaching the battlefield. Abhimanyu descended weaponless picked up a chariot wheel.

Enraged, he bore down on his adversary with frightening force. His deeds far exceeded his years and he has attained everlasting fame. What would he say when he heard that his young son had been sent alone into the chakravyuha? His panic-stricken voice rose above the din of the falling missiles striking his soldiers’ armour and shields. This Parva book traditionally has 8 sub-parvas sub-books or little books droba adhyayas sections, chapters.


Dronw all-devouring weapon cannot be checked by the force of arms. No one seemed able to stop Abhimanyu. Views Read Edit View history. The deeper we delve into the detail of what happens, the more is revealed to our eyes and ears.

The Mahabharata

dronq Arjun called back, “Bheem, my vow is that I will not use the Gandiv against Brahmins, cows, and any weapon of the holy Lord Narayana. He slew his charioteer and four horses and smashed his chariot. Alas, my heart has been seized by an unbearable sorrow.

Razor-edged discuses, axes, flaming spears, and spiked maces filled the air. Karna grew impatient upon hearing Abhimanyu praised. Now they lie motionless on the earth. Fierce winds blew in every direction, lashing the warriors with stones. The child has now ascended to heaven. He asked him why his weapons were useless against Arjun. Seeing his brother’s plight, Arjun invoked the Varun weapon.

O learned sage, why does death take men away? Throwing down his bow in despair, Ashwatthama jumped from his chariot and ran from the battlefield. The troops fell by the thousands, prva to pieces by the relentless assault. The same guru that always cherished such friendly feelings towards us. When the battlefield was again clear of the missiles, the Pandavas got to their feet and took up their weapons.