Duncton Wood (The Duncton Chronicles) [William Horwood] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Duncton Wood is the title of the first novel by . Download the The Duncton Chronicles audiobook series and listen anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, Android or Windows device. Get the Audible Audio. This series of six novels was published over a thirteen years, starting with Duncton Wood in It’s a story of spiritual quest, with all the trials and triumphs of.

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When Tryfan, son of Bracken and Rebecca, returns to the sacred Burrows of Uffington, it is to find dreadful signs of death and destruction. This is necessary from a plot point of view, but I just cannot pretend to belief that two little moles could accomplish this. Find out how to enable it. The story rambles like the tunnels in which most of the action takes place, but I found myself following with fascination the lives of Bracken and Bo I do not believe this review contains any real plot-spoilers, but it goes into some detail.

Then we have Brachen go off on a quest to restore the religious rites that Mandrake had destroyed. Trivia About Duncton Wood Dun Horwood is also a multisensory writer, especially talking of scents, echoes and over all atmosphere and tone in a quite frank yet distinctly poetic way which is neither over inflated nor too brief.

The moles are given human elements speech and faith for example and this makes them easily identifiable to the reader.

The Wolves of Time is another of Horwood’s ducton stories and definitely a must-read for anyone who enjoyed the Duncton Chronicles. For out of the chilly North have The duncton series as a hole was a series which was recommended to me at the age of twelve, but which I only managed to track down four years later.


The author has crafted a believable and interesting mythology to go dunctpn the characters, and it is definitely worth reading.

Your works seem to be as layered as any ancient myths have layers. I’ve never read another book like this one — one that I enjoyed enough that I kept coming back to it, but that I felt no urgency to hurry through at all. Views Read Edit View history. Just finished reading this for the second time. There is a small selection of your books there but sadly no Duncton saga or Stonor Eagles and even your most recent works Hydden World are only available in another language.

Duncton Wood

Dolphin culture wod over millions of years so they could remain perfectly attuned with their world, Ocean. Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book. He resigned, served out the final six months of his contract in an isolated office with a phone that never rang and typewriter… and there wrote his first novel. Duncton Wood woox the moving love dkncton of Bracken and Rebecca and the trials they must face and overcome to be as one.

This, in turn, led to another trilogy, called the Book of Silence. William Horwood has also written two stand-alone novels intertwining the lives of humans and of eagles, The Stonor Eagles and Callanishand The Wolves of Time duology.


Duncton Wood hit the best-seller a few weeks after publication and stayed there for six months. William Horwood is a suncton author who, in Bracken, Rebecca, Mandrake, Rune and all other Duncton Wood moles, gives us characters who match any in fantasy literature.

Duncton Wood (Literature) – TV Tropes

Thank the gods, William Horwood and ok Hello Anne-Marie – thank you for writing. The reason I bought all the others.

Yes, it’s long and yes, it’s about moles which doesn’t sound too interesting. Duncton has changed the way I see the world and view people.

This is the story of their love, and their epic struggle to find it. Only by putting his trust in the ancient Stone, forgotten symbol of a great spiritual past, can he find the strength to challenge Mandrake’s darkness. Hello Sonya dunctno thank you so much for being in touch again after so long.

Duncton Wood (Duncton Chronicles, #1) by William Horwood

This Duncton Wood book review was written by Floresiensis. But Duncton Wood is more than just a re-tread of old ground, and its influences are wider too. Not many people in the US know of this book or even it’s fairly prolific authorbut it’s well known and loved suncton Britain.

The whole thing about Mandrake dominating the system is an interesting one and he does it namely because he can — he has the power and because he has the power he basically uses it.