El Dr. Isaac Goiz, quien descubrió el par biomagnético en en la Ciudad de México, define el Biomagnetismo médico como “un sistema de curación a. Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán was born April 13, in Puebla, Puebla, Mexico. 5 books he has authored, which are: “El Par Biomagnético” (The Biomagnetic Pair), . PAR BIOMAGNÉTICO I DR. ISAAC GOIZ DURAN. Lhulhu Hé. Uploaded by. Lhulhu Hé!” #! ” $#!” # % #&’!&() $! # $#!” # % #&’ (%* +”$,&!$-%. +”,#&(” $ $# !.

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Currently he works and collaborates with 10 universities around the world, giving courses, training academic high level therapists and pursuing research topics.

Supervise doctors of the Health Department doing their residency in rehabilitation at the Dr. Diploma and Gold Ribbon for 10 continuous years of practice in physiotherapy.

Pares Biomagnéticos/Biomagnetismo Medico Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán

Chronic Bronchitis and Lung Emphysema. Medical Biomagnetism Mexican School, A.

Latest Medical News magazine. Tradicional Medicine Academy, A.


Member of the Academia de Medicina Tradicional, A. During that time he worked as a surveyor, truck driver, typist, storage manager and held other positions.


The patient showed significant improvement 8 days after receiving treatment, which consisted on the application of two magnets of opposite polarity, each measuring approximately external Gauss. Maria Elena Martinez Carbajal, his future wife, who at the time worked in the Nutrition Department of the institute.

Hermosillo, Sonora, Biomagnetido Pneumology and Thorax Surgery Mexican Society. He is the father of 5 children, has 9 grandchildren and lives in a small neighborhood in Mexico with his greatest supporter, his wife.

Foreign Languages Institute, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico After completing the technical degree in Physiotherapy he began working as a swimming instructor, gave medical physics classes, as well as others. New Sciences University of America, S. So on October goi,Dr. International Medical Research magazine, Vol.

About Dr. Isaac Goiz | Goiz Biomagnetism

Israeli Mexican Institute, A. That same year he also worked at the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases, Mexico, where he remained in charge of the Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine for 20 years.

Couses on hand rehabilitation. Those he isaaac in other countries include: Using the mental energy of the patient, the therapist and the joint action of the magnetic fields, he is able to cure a person in Italy long distance from Mexico.

Mendez Cervantes publishing,Mexico. He has taught approximately courses in Mexico and other countries, including Level 1 and Level 2 courses since to date. Alternative Bkomagnetico and Rehabilitation, S. He studied elementary, middle school and high school in the city of Puebla.


Traditional Medicine Mexican Academy, A. In the course of 26 years the achievements of Dr. That same year, inspired by Dr. Continuing education courses taken since at the First National Convention on Rehabilitation Medicine.

Objectively Determining the Cough effect of B-h He was the third child of 10 children. First course in Chinese Acupuncture. In he discovered the phenomena that magnetic fields generate in a living organism, the human body, biomagneticco that can be reproduced through mental energy, calling it Bioenergetics. In he discovered Telebioenergetics when he cured his first patient lar.

While working as a physician and physiotherapist he took several certification courses and received degrees in alternative medicine, including Dr.