Camax stock and supply Elster A’s in either 5A Current Transformer Connection or A Direct Connection. This document is intended as a guide to help Suppliers of Elster Metering Systems Your Elster A Meter has been chosen by your Service Provider to . A Three-phase CT Meter available at MWA Technology. Speedy delivery from direct Rating. A, Elster three phase electricity CT meter, 5/10/ A.

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Load profiling — The A can be set to observe daylight savings See 3.

Elster A MID Polyphase Electricity Meter

This should be changed as soon as possible to prevent unauthorised access to the Master Unit. Alternatively the data can be exported in a file format that is suitable for being transferred into an MV90 system. Using the F1 Key This manual also for: Open-source tools for energy monitoring and analysis. It is recommended that the database is backed up at least once a week and that the files are stored on a separate computer. Obviously it wouldn’t be very accurate when the output is very low but I could live with that.

Elster A1140 Single/Three Phase Smart Meter

You may select a folder already on your system or select a new folder. Safety requirements for meters are addressed in elstr metering standards outlined below.


The Meter Constants page is shown opposite. Scheme Manager Context Menu with the options shown opposite becomes available. Repeat for kvarh using left hand Test LED. Enter text from picture: However, for maximum operational life, it is recommended that installation sites are chosen where condensation is unlikely to occur.

Because we have a ellster set I can’t locate the monitor behind the incoming electricity meter and use it to measure both import and export power, hence have to use our electricity suppliers meter to do that.

If you’re up for it try writing your own software for the Emonpi, there appears to be plenty of info available here on the interfaces etc.

Before installing a module or module peripheral equipment, read the Safety Warnings, Warnings, Precautions for handling electrostatic discharge sensitive devices and EMC Guidelines below. All information required to program a meter is contained in the Help. It should be simple enough to record my single phase consumption this part of the Emonpi worksrecord my generation, and derive import and export arithmetically.

Click on Load Profile Data from the readings to view the screen below. RES files to be deleted. Replace the terminal elstwr and fit appropriate seals For connecting to the large diameter terminals, strip back the cable insulation by 26mm.


Use the text files if support is required when contacting Elster Metering Systems about communications failures.

I would like to be able to automatically upload live data to pvoutput. I had to use the optical pulse sensor as the system is 3 phase so using CT clamps would have been problematic, but like you I conveniently have a 3 phase smart meter recording all generation. This manual supports A and A meters only.

For correctly installed 3 phase 4 wire meters, one of the battery connections will be at ‘Mains Neutral’ potential. But as I said all it is giving me is the total energy generated.

A way D type way D type way D type 5: Security The meter offers high security with many useful security features. There’s some good tutorial stuff on the MagPi web site https: This manual is for use with the A meter and the A load profile meter only.

In addition, through its subsidiary Ipsen International, it is the leading global manufacturer of high-level thermochemical treatment equipment.

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