Ranging from Arabia to India and Southeast Asia, Engseng Ho explores the transcultural exchanges–in kinship and writing–that enabled Hadrami Yemeni. Engseng Ho is Professor of Anthropology and Professor of History at Duke University in the U.S. Currently he is the Muhammad Alagil Distinguished Visiting . Engseng Ho is an activist within the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement and has co-authored a BDS resolution at the American.

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Malaysia is one of the most highly policed states in the world, in terms of the number of policemen per capita. First of all, it came as a surprise to me to have anything to do with law and legal history. That is the experience I grew up with.

Something similar happened in Malaya. Big abstract concepts of social science or historical agendas are hard to perceive.

Professor Engseng Ho – University of Copenhagen

It is the sense of smell that I try to bring across in writing. What did motivate you towards studying diaspora? Signatories of the letter pledged “not to collaborate on projects and events involving Israeli academic institutions, not to teach at or to attend conferences and other events at such institutions, and not to dngseng in academic journals engsebg in Israel.

Later on with the arrival of totoks migrant Chinese in the twentieth century, you have a re-Sinicisation.

While studying the Engzeng in Malay- sia, I was also looking at the Chinese across Southeast Asia as part of a larger diaspora. For you, does indigeneity come only patriarchally? It is about going Downloaded from https: It was a contrast between familiar and unfamiliar. It will be seen as one of those few foreign books about the Arab world which richly deserve the name of classic.

And yes, they have all these connections with each other. Did you feel yourself being part of a diaspora at the time? Where does this leave the study of immobility?


The View from the Verandah One of the things which interested me about the Hadramis initially was that if you looked at one family, there were family members in different parts of the world.

And the simple fact of their spread does not mean that you should go round up or shoot whomever you think is an Arab or engsenh Muslim. I think this is a very nice way of putting it.

I added a few more classes in micro- and macroeconomics, and that lead to majors in both economics and anthropology. I was looking not just at the Hadrami diaspora, but also at the English as a diaspora. All these distant connections are not something abstract but they have to be something which you can feel and recognise in a visceral sense. In southern Thailand, engeeng might be associated with Muslim separatists. In the mids, you moved to the US for your undergraduate studies at Stanford University.

The BDS movement was founded in by Omar Barghouti and asserts that it “works to end international support for Israel’s oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel to comply with international law. When I was following the genealogies, I realised how the same issue could at times look like law, at times like mysticism.

You might not be able to understand the big things.

The inter-Asia venture I think is essentially the last stage of decolonisation. Interview With Engseng Ho. They were proud to be British subjects, and they were Anglicised Chinese. The Arabs have a very similar thing: And to me that is not what it is about.

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That is simply ridiculous. It turns out that the mothers were very important. BDS Close Connections s: Although they actually had a lot to do with each other historically, I hp at what point were they partners and at what engsneg did engesng partners fall out?

I found out that the best way to understand the strange situation of Baba being Baba and British is actually a historical one. And they provided a different way of understanding and inter- preting the international society h native eyes, not native of a small place, but of the whole Indian Ocean region.


Malaysians went to London, Indonesians went to Hk, and others went to Lisbon and so on. This provided the opportunity to, in a sense, redo the lens of British colonialism, but through the eyes of an Arabic community or diaspora which had been present in all these places but in a very different social position. To me it was strange that this was law, because no policeman is going to come after you, no Downloaded from https: In these processes, at one point people from abroad integrate and assimilate, at some other point they become a third or egnseng community, and at yet another point they become racialised again.

By doing so, are not you removing them from their indigeneity and matrilaterality? It was only in the nineteenth century that it became all racially oriented and more concerned with preserving their racial identity. At that moment, I felt that historical knowledge and context could help one think quite concretely about very contemporary phenomena. They have historical experiences and collective memories which span many different continents and oceans.

Engseng Ho

Most of my students work on Islamic societies which are spread out in at least two places, but they also study them over time. It is normal for Bugis to be not only in Sulawesi, but in the Moluccaas and even in Johor. These resolutions, although non-binding, have been passed by student governments on numerous North American campuses.

The Dutch also intermixed until roughly about Before, the anthropologist would study the village, and the vil- lage was somehow seen as representative of the country. It could be a small village in Kerala and a small village in Malaya.