enjoining good and forbidding evil ibn taymiyyah filetype pdf Enjoining Good, Forbidding Evil Ibn Taymiyyah said: This (enjoining good and forbidding evil) is a . File Type: pdf, ( mashallah.. that’s good sis may allah . Enjoining good and forbidding evil By Shaykh ul Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah Etiquettes of. However, Sheikh Ibn Taymiyya (d AH), though a Hanbalī, wrote a . We see that Luqman orders his son to enjoin good, forbid evil, and be.

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There is one question which has taymiytah me over the years, and that question is — Why does Islam permit a Muslim man, to marry woman of his choice, from Ahle Kitab… may be Jews or Christians, and the vice-versa is not permitted.

Are the Muslim ladies, not Mushriks — Can you clarify? It is mentioned in Surah Mahida, Ch.

Enjoining Good, Forbidding Evil – alhamdulillah-library.blogspot.in.pdf

And also besides… the women who are believers, even the women of the Ahlekitab, who are chaste, have been made lawful for you. Islam gives permission for a Muslim man, to marry a woman from the Ahle Kitab — why?

Because we believe in all of their Prophets… the lady, when she enters a Muslim family, she will not be ridiculed. But the vice-versa — if a Muslim lady goes to a family of a Christian or a Jew… but natural, they do not believe in Prophet Muhammed May peace be upon himand she will be ridiculed. That is why, Islam gives permission for a Muslim man, to marry a girl from the Ahle Kitab, but the vice-versa is not true.

Coming to the second part of the question that — are not these Muslim women, Mushriks? Means, even if the Queen of England… let her be the wealthiest lady, let the lady be the most beautiful in the world, still… a Zhaduwali, a slave woman, who is a believer, is much better than the best lady of the world… if she is an unbeliever.

Arabic … Who is my Lord, and your Lord… Arabic. Among the Ahle Kitab there some who are believers but the majority are perverted transgressors. Hope that answers the question. What is the difference between yood ideology of Islam, and the ideology of Hinduism?

Press the stop button, the Video cassette will stop. Do not drop it from a height… it will get damaged. It says … Arabic …. Now if then, they turn back…then say: How do you come to common terms… by analyzing the Scriptures of the Hindus and the Muslims. If you read the Bhagvagita… corbidding Bhagvagita says in Ch.

The Rigveda deals with Songs of praises… the Rigveda deals with Songs of praises, the Yajurveda deals with Sacrificial formulas, the Samveda deals with melody, and the Arthurveda deals with Magical formulas.

If you read the Yajurveda — the Yajurveda says on Ch. The same Yajurveda, Ch. The Same Yajurveda, Ch. The same Rigveda… which is the most sacred of all Vedas.

The Rigveda says in Vol. The same Regveda, Vol. So if we read the Scripture of the Hindus and the Muslims, and if we analyse, we know that all the religious Scriptures, of all the various Religions, speak about Tawheed… speak about the concept of One God. The Hindus and the Muslims well be united.

My name is Balachandran — I work for an advertising agency in the city. There are people, who consult astrologers, with their horoscope… Muslim friends — People who observe Rahu Kalam. If this is a conflict… is there a conflict? Should there be a conflict… should this conflict exist?


Those people… would you disuade them, saying that they are lesser Muslim than you, or anybody else here. I hope that Dr. Zakir Naik will throw some light on it. Brother has asked a very good question, regarding the Indian Muslim. As a matter of fact, it can be posed to any Muslim in any part of the world, that if you are a Muslim, can you follow the aspect of any other race, any other community, any other Religion, any other particular nation… whether it be India, or America, whether it be Europe.

We can follow Indian culture, American culture, Western culture, as long as brother… Islam you can follow. If it does not go against the principle of Islam, you can very well follow. The six criteria for Hijab in Islam, for a woman is that, her complete body should be covered — the only part that can be seen, is the face and the hands, up to the wrist.

The clothes that she wears, should be loose, should not be tight… where it reveals the figure, Third is, it should not be transparent, that you can see through. Fifth, it should not be that glamorous, that is attracts the opposite sex. Sixth, is it should not resemble that of an opposite sex.

And if you want to wear a sari, the Islamic way… the pallu that you take, should cover your head… not a single strand of hair should be seen — Even the belly should not be seen…no other part of the body, should be seen.

If you follow this, you are following the Indian culture, without breaking the law. So you can very well follow the culture, as long as the culture does not go against the principle and teachings of Allah SWT — because for us, the teachings of our Creator, is more important because… He has created us.

Fortune telling is haraam in Islam by Dr Zakir. We have to support our nation…but the Person who gave life to us in their world, is God Almighty. So we owe more respect to Him, forbiddung anyone in this world, to any other government in this world — Otherwise we have to respect other people. If it does not go against the teaching of Allah SWTyou can follow it.

Islam and the Internet Series

There may be few people who may having… have learnt this science. Most of them, they take you for a ride. There are computers in which, you put the age, and you get the answer. So the professor wrote… Student A, what his nature, about future, etc.

So these are vague statements, which are always true. So when you read in the paper, Libra is this… and so and so is this… and Leo is this — All this, is just pulling a fast… pulling a fast. And he blames who? See the person pulled you a fast one. The Astrologer came out to be true — Why? If forbididng would have studied, he ennjoining have passed. I am Vyas, retired central government employee.

My question is, freedom of expression is universally accepted principle -then why is a death sentence imposed on Salman Rushdie? Brother has asked a very good question -that does Islam permit freedom of expression? Brother, the complete answer is given in this cassette, in the Press debate organised by the Bombay Union of Journalists. This gives the detail, and in this debate there was a Hindu priest, there was a Christian priest, there was a person who translated Lajja into Marathi… Ashok Sahane, and myself from the Islamic side.

This is a very good debate… this gives the detail about the Religious freedom. It depends upon the situation — I cannot give a blanket… yes or no. In short, I would say… If the freedom of expression is given — for example… for anyone to praise anyone, to glorify anyone, if he wants to praise anyone or glorify anyone, etc. He can say anything, as long as it does not harm anyone — If it does not harm anyone, it is fine.


If it harms anyone, these are two things with proof, and without proof. If it harms anyone, for example… abusing anyone. Abusing anyone with proof or without proof… just for slandering, it is not allowed. If you speak against someone with proof …with proof, it is allowed, for example I am working in a enjoning if the company is corrupted… I am speaking against the corruption of the company, Islam gives full freedom of expression… full.

Without proof if I say — I have got no right. If I say… I allege anything against any human being, I should have proof. In Islam, if you abuse the girl and spoil her any name — and if you cannot produce four witnesses, you get eighty lashes. That is, we prove it… the modesty, with proof. You are allowed… with proof. If you get for eg… If you are working in a company, and get the proof that… this particular boss is corrupting the people, that he is corrupted — I can do with proof… Islam gives permission of… full freedom of expression.

There are certain things… with proof also you cannot say, for eg… if I am working in the Indian army… I have got proof about its secret — I cannot go and sell it to the enemy. So here, freedom of expression is not fvil with proof. If it causes loss to the people who are working… if it is against the country, I am taking the secret and giletype it to the enemy of Government.

Why… to profit with it money… just to get and lakhs rupees — Taumiyyah does not give permission. So for freedom of expression… depending which type of freedom do you believe in. Same thing if you analyse… book was released in U. England believes in freedom of expression, but since he spoke against Margaret Thatcher, he was banned. So the same Salman Rushdie… I know besides, he has done wrong things… he has abused our Prophet, he has abused our Mother, he has abused… he has done wrong. Besides that, he has abused the whole human kind — People are not reading the book properly.

I do not want to say the things, he has said.

Salafi Library –

Islam does not give you the permission. Do you have the proof to call her a female dog. I do not want to use that… uses a letter forbiding. And he says to Magi, offensive things — Magi is short form for, Margaret Thatcher. So Islam does not give permission… he even abuses Ram and Sita, in that book — people do frobidding know that. I do not want to say, what he wrote for Ram and Sita, I do not want to say that.

Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil by Ibn Taymiyyah

The best evul I would like to do, is to congratulate Rajiv Gandhi, the first person… the first prime minister of any country in the world… he banned the book… I congratulate him. He may not be knowing, that he abuses Ram and Sita in the book. I have read the book thought it is banned in India.