George Burdeau is a member of the Blackfeet Nation and has been a prime time In , George was the first Native American director accepted into the. George Burdeau is a veteran director and producer, as well as a founding member of Vision Maker Media. He has won both Emmy and Peabody awards for his. George Burdeau doesn’t just make films; he makes films with a purpose. For over 40 years Burdeau has been creating films that portray Native American life.

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And Heading for Golden, Colorado.

George Burdeau – IMDb

Are Human Lives Scripted? Maybe I should blame the cold, meter Cotopaxi Volcano mountain which I climbed a week or two ago. The Ones That Got Away: Bangkok, Here I Come!

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Georges Burdeau – Wikipedia

A Stalker Named Hurricane Evan. This hunchbacked spine can be noted only on a topographical map. Did you know, also, that every organ of the body can be found, replicated in the land formations of North America?

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Georges Burdeau

Perhaps, it will make the claim much clearer and easier to understand. An Explosive Writing Experience! Memories Of Bygone Days …. I have literally interviewed hundreds of people; if not thousands, including huge numbers of South American residents.

We, Americans Terrorize Too! Peru Is The New Himalayas. Managing Money While I Travel. Confessions of a Junkie. The Ghost of Juan Valdez. Surely, this professional map-reading expert had spotted the similarity many years ago. Checking In From Cuenca, Ecuador.


Lake Titicaca, is one of only a few massive inland, freshwater lakes, navigable by large ships. Golden Hours In Golden, Colorado!

My Georhe has always believed that the Andes was the backbone of the planet! The Albania Story — Continued. Or, Maybe This Will Happen…. O Ye of Little Finance! Fish Or Cut Bait.