“In One Two Three Infinity, as in his other books, George Gamow succeeds where others fail because of his remarkable ability to combine technical accuracy . One of the world’s foremost nuclear physicists (celebrated for his theory of radioactive decay, among other accomplishments), George Gamow possessed th . INFINITY Facts and Speculations of Science George Gamow Illustrated by the . Giant and supergiant stars. White dwarf stars.

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It is highbrow entertainment at its best, a teasing challenge to all who aspire to think about the universe. He brings that ability to bear in this delightful gajow through the problems, pleasures, and puzzles of modern science. Among the topics scrutinized with the author’s celebrated good humor and pedagogical prowess are the macrocosm and the microcosm, theory of numbers, relativity of space and time, entropy, genes, atomic structure, nuclear fission, and the origin of the solar system.

Geogge the pages of this book readers grapple with such crucial matters as whether it is possible to bend space, why a rocket shrinks, the “end of the world problem,” excursions into the fourth dimension, and a host of other tantalizing topics for the scientifically curious. Brimming with amusing anecdotes and provocative problems, One Two Three.


One Two Three . . . Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science

Infinity also includes over delightful pen-and-ink illustrations by the author, adding another dimension of good-natured charm to these wide-ranging explorations. Whatever your level of scientific expertise, chances are you’ll derive a great deal of pleasure, stimulation, and information from this unusual and imaginative book. It belongs in the library of anyone curious about the wonders of the scientific universe. Infinity, as in his other books, George Gamow succeeds where others fail because of his remarkable ability to combine technical accuracy, choice of material, dignity of expression, and readability.

Facts and Speculations of Science Add to Wishlist. Facts and Speculations of Science By: Untypically for popular science books, this one is enhanced by the author’s own delightful sketches. Reviewers were enthusiastic when One, Two, Three…Infinity was published in In the Author’s Own Words: At that stage physical science will enter from the epoch of Columbus and Magellan into the epoch of the National Geographic Magazine! It will broaden the knowledge of each and give the imagination wide play.


One, Two, Three– Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science – George Gamow – Google Books

The Great Physicists from Galileo to Einstein. Thirty Years that Shook Physics: The Story of Quantum Theory. The Strange Story of the Quantum. From Falling Bodies to Radio Waves: Classical Physicists and Their Discoveries. From X-rays to Quarks: Modern Physicists and Their Discoveries.

One, Two, Three…Infinity: Facts and Speculations of Science

Concepts of Mass in Classical and Modern Physics. Newton’s Philosophy of Nature: Selections from His Writings.

A Historical Account of Mathematical Concepts. Game, Set and Math: More Experiments in Atmospheric Physics.

Clouds in a Glass of Beer: Simple Experiments in Atmospheric Physics. Mathematical Fallacies and Paradoxes. An Adventurer’s Guide to Number Theory.

One Two Three Infinity – Wikipedia

The Development of Mathematics. Understanding Einstein’s Theories of Relativity: Man’s New Perspective on the Cosmos.

Great Experiments in Physics: Firsthand Accounts from Galileo to Einstein. The Theory of Probability.