Ieromonk Ghelasie Gheorghe: “Akathist of Repentance” (translation from Romanian by Alice Butnar). “The Transfiguration”, icon painting by. AVVA GHELASIE GHEORGHE This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.

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Here lies the difference between mysticism and philosophy. Beside the descriptive character, the scientific theories have a prospective role or an intuitive-anticipative character that goes beyond an exclusively analytic and discursive methodology.

Without finding the concreteness of being-language, thinking is unfulfilled and remains a mere imagination in void. The seal of the Divine Icon and Words represents the inescapable participative condition of the ontology of creation. Some of them have entered in the everyday life, as for example the programs that automatically compute the exposure of a digital photo camera. Moreover, it is extremely relevant that the interest for his view arises after many decades of positivist, structuralist and materialist approaches.

It is clear then that a machine without Logos will not understand all that we could say and it will never have consciousness. He continues to exclude metaphysics as in-significant considering that a proposition has sense only if it traduces a sensible experience. This post-lapsarian condition extended and thus afflicted the entire creation. Alan Turing was maybe the first researcher who raised the problem of the possibility to create an gheorrghe intelligence using numerical computers.


He proposed even a test for detecting if a computer program has achieved artificial intelligence: Do not be offended by my scanty Love.

Florin Caragiu – English Corner

The Grammar of language is not an instrument but an essence in itself. The Chalcedonian definition emphasizes the unity of humanity and divinity in Christ. The language, the understanding and communication between human beings is also given in the divine image of the human being. He considers instead that, in order to have a glimpse on other consciousnesses, you may only enter into a dialog with them [21] [1]. The Creation is in a state of perpetual suffering and is bewailing its long destiny of waiting for the time when it can again partake of the glory of the Sons of God, as we read in the Scriptures.

Părintele Ghelasie Gheorghe de la Frăsinei: mai

The concepts used in the formal sciences have not only a descriptive character, but also an explicative one. Human language is gaining new value ghelwsie, in the context of the Internet and of the World Wide Web. Ghelasie GheorgheIconic Hesychasmpoetry. In other words, one tries to find two symbolic configurations that, through particularizations, become identical.

Dianoia in its contemporary sense intellect, reason, and mind functions as the discursive, conceptualizing, logical faculty in man involved in the scientific research. The central role of the word with a dialogic nature is one of the capital ideas of Bakhtin and should be understood in a more deep sense. Language implies a Grammar-Logic in itself whereas thinking needs an instrumental logic, the reasoning.

gheladie The remarkable intentionality and potentiality implied cannot be rendered by a mere hypothetical reconstruction operated by the human subject. I fight for you, for the smoke black skimpily spent.


The bureaucracy is indeed useful for many classes of complex problems because they eliminate the necessity of complex reasoning due to the existence of a repertoire of precise rules that are to be applied. The energies originate in and emanate from the Act and return to the Act.

Florin Caragiu – English Corner

In contrast to human language, formal languages have a principal recurrent role in computer science. The Being as integral mode, as permanence of the Person is also fully resonant with the Mystery of Incarnation. This communication becomes outwards the discursiveness of thinking.

The word is the principal and unalienable of every communication between persons. Language is the theorghe of thinking. Through its approach, science can bring into evidence the presence of the deep logos of the world.

Chipuri De Lumina – Pr. Ghelasie Gheorghe Si Marius Caraman

Christianity is not Pantheistical, but Creationist. The presence of mystery in epistemology involves certain pedagogy of transgression, departing from our limits in our striving towards something that transcends our discursive capacity to formalize experience and knowledge. Man is interior word, in tension, before expressing himself and ghelasei word when he expresses himself.

LORD, Thou dost keep telling me: