-Articulación de la cara palmar de la mano. -Articulación Metacarpofalángica de los dedos medio y anular. -Articulación Interfalángica del. English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘huesos sesamoideos de la mano’. Prevalence and Distribution of Sesamoid Bones of the Hand. A Radiographic Study in Turkish Subjects. Prevalencia y Distribución de los Huesos Sesamoideos.

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The presence of sesamoid bones in various digits and their distribution was recorded by two orthopedic surgeons independently at separate times and any discrepancy was subsequently resolved by consensus.

This percentage is considerably high compared to the previously published studies. Absence of all sesamoids of the hand, excluding 1st MCP joint, was the most common type of arrangement with a prevalence of Traumatic conditions include acute fracture, stress fracture, and pseudoarthrosis Fig.

Lesiones En Un Hueso Sesamoideo Del Pie

Anatomy and pathology of the sesamoid bones. In each observation we consider the number of sesamoid bones and their location. Our results are very close to those reported from Arab and Mediterranean populations As a conclusion, the present study represents the first report on the prevalence and distribution of sesamoid bones in the hand in Turkish subjects. Sesamoid bones are typically found in locations where a tendon passes over a joint, huezos as the hand, wrist, knee, and foot.

They act to protect the tendon and to increase its mechanical effect by holding the tendon further away from the center of the joint thus increasing its lever arm.

Superimposition of the radial sesamoid bone with the first metacarpal head. Finally, antero-posterior and oblique hand radiographs of male and female patients with a mean age of However, the prevalence of sesamoid bones and their distribution in digits of the hand in Turkish population has not been reported yet.


In the group of Chilean individuals, we observed the presence of two sesamooideos bones, located at the level of MPJ thumb in On the other hand, we could not examine the symmetry patterns, as radiographs were of a single hand from each patient, either right or left. The prevalence and distribution of sesamoid bones in the hand is variable among different populations and ethnic groups.

Based on this premise we conducted a study to determine its presence in different metacarpophalangeal joints MPJ of two groups of individuals.

Sesamoid and accessory bones of the hand–an epidemiologic survey in a Mediterranean population. Similarly, the sesamoid bone sesamoideoss the index and little MCP joint similarly show great variation among different ethnic groups.

It can be concluded that two sesamoid bones radial and ulnar palmar to the MCP joint of the thumb is found in all individuals regardless of ethnic origin, despite extremely rare exceptions.

The data provided are evidence of differences wesamoideos populations and ethnic groups. Furthermore, a symmetry pattern of sesamoid bones of the hand is unknown.

Huesos Sesamoideos en la Mano Humana

The distribution of sesamoid sesamoiveos and their prevalence in the hand. Thus, he classified the hands according to the presence or absence of sesamoid bones in 2nd and 5th digits. All the radiographs were digital, thus observers could subjectively adjust the display parameters such as contrast, opacity and brightness on the computer screen.

The differences between the sesamoid bones at a particular location and sesamoides side and sex were analyzed using Pearson Chi-Square Test. Again, the prevalence of sesamoid bones in the index and little fingers in Turkish subjects seems to be similar to that in Arab and Mediterranean populations.

Further studies focusing on these lacking issues will be beneficial to improve the knowledge about the sesamoid bones of the hand.

Fractura en Hueso Sesamoideo

Two, of which the medial is the the larger, are constant at the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb; one at the interphalangeal joint of the thumb; one huewos frequently present in the corresponding joint of the little finger, and one or two at the same joint of the index finger. The prevalence of sesamoid bone of the index and little MCP joint were On the other hand, Amar essamoideos al. In our study, we have found the prevalence to be Services on Demand Journal. One sesamoid sesamideos was found palmar to the MCP joint of the index finger in hands showing an incidence of Among previous studies, only Joseph examined the arrangement of sesamoid bones in each individual hand Joseph.


There were no significant differences between left and right hand digits. Apart from these two studies, the prevalence of thumb IP joint sesamoid ranged between In our study and sesamoideeos other studies, authors stated that two sesamoid bones ulnar and radial are constant in all cases; expect Bizarro and Amar et al.

huesos sesamoideos de la mano – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

In Bizarro’s hand x-ray series total hand radiographs 54 subjects were between years of age. Radiographs of 41 hands of adult Brazilians people, of both sexes, as well as radiographs of 16 children and adolescents were also studied.

The overall distribution of sesamoid bones hiesos their percentage incidence is shown in Figure 2.

Continuous variables were stated as mean and standard deviation and categorical variables as percentage and frequency distribution. Sesamoid bone; Hand; Prevalence; Turkish population.

There was no statistically significant difference between the laterality and the frequency of sesamoid bones in all locations Table II.