Hydromax – Hydromax Windows Version User Manual? The loadcase filename will be used as the loadcase name and displayed on. Ecco Exostrike Sport Black Hydromax blackcamelmagnetmocha axawf5rpq . The GET string is the set of characters that come after a filename in the URL and . Contract with Hydromax – Cross Bore Inspection . sure to save this document with a filename that clearfy identifies your company name.

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Fluids Analysis Methods on page 99 Density on page Loadcase Loadcases define the loading condition of the vessel. Downflooding angles to key points, deck edge and margin line?

This flename is unrelated to the permeability when defining compartments and is only used for floodable length calculations. Tanks have a quantity value, expressed as a percentage of the full capacity and a weight column.

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Help information relating to the use and parameters of each criterion is displayed in the dialog. Immersion Points Only downflooding points are used fikename determining the downflooding angle, which is used in criteria evaluation. Editing Key Points Key points are defined by entering a name, a longitudinal position, a transverse offset from the centreline, and a height.

Displacement and Centre of Gravity using the Loadcase window Also see: Figure a Zero trim Figure b Trim by bow, near-empty tank Figure c Trim by bow, near-full tank Figure a shows a sounding pipe that extends the whole height of the tank, with the vessel at zero trim.

Should the analysis take longer than about 45 seconds, Hydromax will flash and beep to indicate that the analysis has been completed. The titles may be edited by clicking the Titles button. These will start at a sounding of zero rather than an ullage of zero. A check is also made to ensure that any selected Equilibrium criteria are passed, but they cannot be included directly in the search algorithm. Creating a Loadcase To create a load case, switch to the loadcase view by selecting Loadcase from the Loadcase sub-menu in the Window menu.

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Immersed key points will be displayed in the same colour as flooded tanks or compartments. The Cilename must also be specified since the Floodable length analysis is very sensitive to accurate trim calculations. Criteria, allowable shears and moments from Input window Note that Hydromax will always use the fluid simulation method when performing a longitudinal strength analysis. Displacement from the Analysis menu, select range for analysis and specify estimate of VCG if known The heel angles used may differ from those used in the Large Angle Stability and Limiting KG analyses.

This gives ten columns of results, one hydrokax each position of the wave crest.

Exception While Initializing Maxsurf Stability Advanced Via COM

Selecting this option saves all the data currently displayed in the Results window. Incorrect sections in the model will give incorrect results. The Calculate Sections dialog now has the option to read the sections from the file. Output Views of the hull are shown for filenxme stage of the analysis, complete with immersed sectional areas and actual waterlines. Only relevant criteria will be used, i. Downflooding angles for any key points, margin line and deck edge will also be computed and tabulated.

Here there will be a range of tank filling levels which all show zero sounding. Select New Compartment Definition from the File menu; this will give you a new set of compartment definitions with one default tank.

If these are not in the correct positions, some analysis results will be meaningless. Allowable shear and bending moment The longitudinal strength graph and tables contain all information on weight and buoyancy distribution, the shear force and bending moment on the vessel. The tanks can then be modelled in Hydromax. Depending on the level of accuracy required, the engines and equipment could also be filenae individually as empty tanks.

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Select the tank or compartment from the combo-box in the Linked to column of the Down Flooding Points table in the Input window: Displacement and Centre of Gravity using the Loadcase window? Only the positive downflooding angles are displayed, hence if there is any asymmetry, the large angle stability analysis should be carried out heeling both to starboard and to port.


When fluid simulation is used in one of these analyses, the actual fluid level in the tank, filled to the volume specified in the loadcase, will be displayed in the View window. There are other options which allow the analysis to be performed heeling to both port and starboard. Any equilibrium criteria will also be evaluated and their results reported. Heel on page 93 in the Analysis Settings section.

Select Trim in the Analysis menu to bring up the Trim dialog. Result data tables per analysis? Criteria may be identified as intact or damage criteria or both. Permeabilities for floodable length analysis? Note that transversely and vertically there are no such restrictions. The criteria tree list Parent Criteria The Parent Criteria group contains all the parent criteria types that are available in Hydromax.

The following tools are available to validate the Hydromax model. The analysis can be carried out in flat water or in a specified waveform. This does not necessarily mean that the model is incorrect.

The data copied from the table will be placed on the clipboard and can then be pasted into a spreadsheet or word processor for further work. Saving A range of options for transferring data from Hydromax to other programs such as spreadsheets and word processors is provided through copy and paste functions. Units The units used may be specified using the Units command. For more information hyvromax Chapter 4 Stability Criteria starting at page If no increment is entered, Hydromax uses its default value based on a reasonable division of the depth of the tank.

Trim free- to- trim to either initial trim or specified LCG?