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The kind of mystery that Hesse seems to prefer are magical in the true sense of the term. This befits its theme but makes for a lengthy, deliberate reading experience. We live permanently in that realm beyond time and conflict embodied in those very works and which we would know nothing of, but for them. To him in his awakened, clairvoyand, pioneering role they were, irrespective of their value, full-grown institutions, their struggles long past, vulnerable to the danger of aging, sterility, and decadence.

Hesse is not a science fiction writer, and it was not his intention to create one. Two drafts of a fourth life were published inthe second version being recast in the first person and breaking off earlier. There are many hints throughout the book that all types of special sciences, things outside of mathematics and music theory, are somehow more prosaic and a little too pragmatic.

Joseph Knecht was a different Castalian.

IGRA STAKLENIH PERLI: Herman Hese: : Books

But I would advise that you read to the finish, because as drained as it may leave you, the unanswered questions make you want to get into Hesse’s head and discover what he meant to say Maybe that was Hesse’s intention.

After this final chapter, several of Knecht’s “posthumous” works are then presented. The three lives, together with that as Magister Ludi, oscillate between extroversion rainmaker, Indian life — both get married and introversion father confessor, Magister Ludi while developing the four basic psychic functions of analytical psychology: The book is highly internalized with little in the way of action. And when Joseph Knecht, the protagonist, called out these flaws in Castalia, I heartily agreed.


Like all great works of literature, it is almost impossible to summarize what Hesse is trying to say in the book.

Its like you get this massive narrative Hmmmm. The book was written long after the major breakthroughs in theoretical physics, namely both forms of relativity and quantum mechanics.

I don’t honestly know. Castalia is home to an austere order of intellectuals with a twofold mission: Thus the bulk of former elite pupils find their ultimate destiny as schoolmasters. His was one of those natures which can sicken, languish, and die when they see an ideal they have believed in, or the country and community they love, afflicted with ills.

It is not syaklenih question of good or bad, but how they attempt to touch the mind of the reader. I can understand not allowing women into Castalia as a literary plot choice, as that would have introduced things in the story that could distract away from the main theme. Return to Book Page. Knecht’s bequest is this: This is not a novel written stakklenih the middle ages but in modern times, when there was no shortage of female intellectuals.

It is dazzlingly multi-faceted, and thus open to many interpretations. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Yet I don’t know how I feel about the book.

Herman Hese – Igra staklenih perli

The final story concerns the life of Dasa, a prince wrongfully usurped by his half brother as heir to a kingdom and disguised as a cowherd to save his life.

The setting is a fictional province of central Europe called Castalia, reserved by political decision for the life of the mind; technology and economic life are kept to a strict minimum.

If someone felt like they really got this book I would love a discussion. Those who direct the maximum force of their desires hewe the center, toward true being, toward perfection, seem quieter than the passionate souls because the flame of their fervor cannot always be seen.


Heese yes, definitely others saw the connection. There is also no mention of cognitive sciences being part of the Glass Bead Game language and vocabulary, as that could introduce many interesting self-referential and recursive twists. Could have been pages less. Yet, he succeeded in me paying very close attention to the thoughts and actions of his characters who behaves and thinks in ways very different from mine.

Essentially the game is an abstract synthesis of all arts and sciences. He is a little too mystic and spiritual for my taste. As a result the water gets to all the right places but the edges look unnatural and a little too straight, like a canal. Knecht remains in the Castalian community where he learns and rises and ultimately is accepted into the highest reaches of its hierarchy. For the German electropop duo, see Glasperlenspiel duo.

In these Lives, which were often elaborated into small novels, it found a permissible means of expression. So I plunged into the book and swam for quite a distance with only a vague outline of the game itself Nov 30, A.

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This is the reason teachers feel slightly repelled by certain glittering talents. A wall will protect the university from outside world. Other times, though, I build myself a whole case of arguments against Hesse and his mentality, mentality which appears to me next to absurd in those moments. Igra satklenih perli by Hermann Hesse.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

This book was ponderously interesting. The final pages or so of the uese are an appendix with includes poems and three lives written by Knecht during his years as a student. Books play an important role in our childhood.