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Computer Science Computer Science miscellaneous. Uploading the Submission To upload a manuscript to this journal, complete the following steps: How to cite item. Q1 green comprises the quarter of the journals with the highest values, Q2 yellow the second highest values, Q3 orange the third highest values and Q4 red the lowest values. Based on a review that conducted manually, we report our findings and analysis has been done on different frameworks concern on P2P botnets detection.

Responsibility for the content of a paper lays on the Authors and not on the Editors or the Publisher.

We offer authors the free download of the full e-journal version of the issue. RTI does not control the content iirecos by visitors to RTI Community Portal and, does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, or quality of such content. Surrogate Object Based Mobile Transaction. By simulation results, we show that the proposed approach enhances the network throughput and minimizes the latency.

Gaudiot, Minimizing the runtime partial reconfiguration overheads in reconfigurable systems, The Journal of Supercomputing, Vol. The adaptive shrinking mechanism involves sending a shrink packet along with the data packets, based on the parameters link quality, traffic rate and link change rate. Afterwards, the development of jpurnal knowledge base will be used to help professional actors to accomplish their task in bringing knowledge of past projects.

After that, the frequent itemsets are mined from the clustered results by exploiting the sliding window technique. In the testing process, the images are preprocessed and subjected to feature extraction process. For nearly past two decades a number of software clone detection techniques and clone management techniques have been proposed in the software clone research.

International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS)

The main findings are the calculated 60 km2 shrinkage and the 18 meters decline over the study period. To facilitate the smooth and faster collection of data, various channel access schemes are available in literature.


The required reliability is provided by sending the transaction request to surrogate object and network lifetime is maximized by migrating the surrogate objects in a way to avoid improper load balancing. Initially, when the mobile terminal MT on journall finds a new network, it collects the QoS information of the respective network that lrecos signal strength, network coverage area, data rate, available bandwidth, velocity of MT and network latency.

You are here Home. Then, the P2P botnets detection framework architecture has journql proposed with the new improvement been reinforced by hybrid detection technique, hybrid analyzer and in-depth hybrid analysis.

User Username Password Remember me. The submission’s principal contact will receive an acknowledgement by email and will be able to view the submission’s progress through the editorial jourmal by logging in to the journal igecos site. The authors hereby give their consent for Praise Worthy Prize journao process their personal data in compliance with the Privacy Policy they had sight of. With the help of existing work, the large data will be converted to annotation object so that the matching process with the input query will be reduced and the complexity of handling big data will be also reduced.

Abstract – Satellite images provide important information on earth surface, geographic area, weather and natural phenomena. Jahanian, A fast placement algorithm for embedded just-in-time reconfigurable extensible processing platform, The Journal of Supercomputing, Vol.

We discover and estimate a method by means of accurate simulation prototype under join cast.

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The parametric time-frequency technique used is Periodogram PE. We reflect period setting up on a single occurrence channel with the goal of reducing the number of period slits needed to complete a join cast. If compilation of the tasks to fill the non-occupied areas is done at runtime and inside the platform, the typical tasks can be fabricated in the best shape and placed on such areas of the FPGA to reduce the rejection rate metric.

For every reference try to find out this is not mandatory and not always possible a permanent online link and include it at the end of the respective reference. To realize data management in mobile cloud, Surrogate Object based Mobile Transaction is proposed to deal with the fundamental issues of asymmetry problems, latency problems, low abort rate and disconnection.


During the frequent itemsets mining process, the itemsets frequency and utility are considered and that itemsets are frequent which are satisfying the utility and its consistency. To further assess the obtained results the bootstrap hypothesis statistical technique is used to clarify the results. Thematic areas include, but are not limited to: Show this widget in your own website.

A number of security techniques have been developed to deal with the problems of attackers and hackers. The suggested method, in this paper, of approximate search in very large files using the Pigeonhole Principle, circumvents the sequential search operations and reduces the calculations tremendously. Second, we study and discuss the different clone management techniques and tools which are currently available. Furthermore deriving several results according to an adapted mathematical model of the Dead Sea.

Read the complete Terms prior to use. Rosy Salomi Victoria, S. Abstract – Multimedia security has become an active area of research in recent years due to the extensive growth and development of multimedia data exchange on the internet.

International Review on Computers and Software

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We observed that based on their evaluation to obtain correct detection and tracking, Recursive detection algorithm and Mean shift tracking is used to track the detected objects in motion based video. To securely communicate very large messages, the cryptographic primitive called signcryption efficiently implements the same and while most of the public key based systems are suitable for small messages, hybrid encryption KEM-DEM provides joufnal competent and practical way.