Das Kartenspiel?Zwicken? wird mit einem normalen Skatblatt gespielt. Es können 2 bis 5 Spieler mitwirken. Zwicken ist ein Spiel mit kleinen Chipeinsätzen , wie. SPIELREGELN FÜR DAS SALZBURGER KARTENSPIEL MULATSCHAK .. nen Spielregeln sowie die soziokulturelle Einbin- .. Jass-Spiele (Jass group). SPIELREGELN ZWICK-JASS. By EGGE 7 · Updated about 7 years ago. Already tagged. Romana Hartmann and Heinz Hirschi like this.

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The tactical elements of the Schieber derive mostly from the situation of two players each needing to cooperate without seeing, or being allowed to communicate about, the hand the other is holding. Four players usually play, but only three are active in the game, and each in turn sits out the hand to which he deals.

In Slalom tops-down, the first trick is always played tops-down. If trumps are led, suit must be followed if possible, except that a player whose only trump is the trump Jack also called Buurneed not play it but may discard any card instead.

It is often considered Switzerland ‘s national card game, and is so popular there that the Swiss have come to apply the name Nassen to trick-taking card games in general.

He receives the four cards played and begins the next trick.

In comparing identical sequences in different suits, one in the trump suit is better. The standard Schieber involves four players, sitting in two partnerships, opposite each other. Swiss Jass games have a number of features in common, which will be described on this page, to save repetition jaesen. If you have no card of the suit led you may play anything, subject to the undertrumping rule.


If elder leads without making any announcement, whatever is led becomes trump. The Jack of jazsen trump suit is not known as Jass in the contemporary game.


If it is a negative or mixed game, such as HindersiMittlere or Differenzler in which the object is not to take as many card points as possible, but maybe to avoid taking points or to get close to a specific value, then the weaker undertrumping rule applies:. If it is a pure positive game, such as Schieber JassHandjass or Steiger Jass where the object is to win card points then the stricter undertrumping rule applies:.

Once this has been resolved, the holder of the winning weis scores for it, and for any others which she holds and chooses to announce. Retrieved from ” https: All Jass games are played counter-clockwise.

The game is won by the player or the team who first reaches a previously agreed target score, most often points. By extension, Jass is often used of any game played in Switzerland with such cards.

Perhaps epielregeln only tricky card is the ace of shields, which can be confusing because the shields are a different shape from the others. The small weis are: Note Jass games involving announcements of card combinations are played throughout Switzerland. The cards in each suit are ace, king, ober, under, banner, nine, eight, seven, six.

Card Games: General rules for Swiss Jass

Playing cards You can choose between a deck of German playing cards or a deck of French playing cards. The ranking within the trump suit as well as the point values are shown in the adjoining table. Winning the spilregeln trick jasxen an additional 5 points. Played byeach for himself. This is not a kind of weis and cannot be invalidated by another player’s weis. The choosing of the trump suit at the beginning of each match is a crucial decision.


The scorekeeper deals first, giving 8 cards to each player in batches of 4s from a card pack made by stripping out all ranks below Nine. Jass, first mentioned in Switzerland in[1] was originally the name of the highest trump, the Jack, in a family of related games originally spread from the Netherlands during the Late Middle Ages.

A trump may be played at any time instead of following suit. Choose your language deutsch english.

Jass – Wikipedia

Jass games involving announcements of card combinations are played throughout Switzerland. Once the match is in progress, players need to keep track of which cards have been played, especially which card of each suit is currently the highest left in play and which trumps have been played. Minor suit The adjoining table shows the rankings within the minor spielregenl as well as the point values.