Revision of the JKR Building Specifications started in. involving Civil engineers and the Architects. • The specifications was completed and applied to. Wednesday, October 22, JKR – Standard Specifications For Building Works How much for the specs handbook? Reply. JABATAN KERJA RAYA MALAYSIA. STANDARD SPECIFICATION. FOR ROAD WORKS. Section 4: Flexible Pavement. CAWANGAN JALAN,. IBU PEJABAT.

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As far as possible, all cross-cutting, boring, drilling or other processing should be carried out before treatment.

The type and size of weld shall be as detailed on specificatoin Drawings. Rock Fill Embankment 6. When in-situ concrete has been in place for four hours, no further concrete shall be placed against it for a further 20 hours.

The photographs to be taken from different angles as approved by the S. Partial as-built plan may be submitted throughout construction of the foundation for verification by the S.

Result in bleed water from the liner which is free from cement and fine aggregate particles. Where other types of cement, admixtures or additional material are to be used, the minimum periods between concreting and removal of forms shall be as approved by the S. The applied bending moment shall be calculated from the following equation: Unless otherwise required, the maximum thickness of the stone blocks shall in no case exceed the thickness of the wall or portion of the structure into which it is being built.

The pipe shall extend to the base of the boring and a sliding plug or barrier shall be placed in the pipe to prevent direct contact between the first charge of concrete in the pipe of the tremie and the water or support fluid. The beam and projections should be at about the same elevation as the attachments to the pile on which the measuring devices will bear.


Bedding, Haunching And Surround 8.

Designated borrow pits shown on the Drawings only indicate to the Contractor potential areas for borrow. The Contractor jrk collect and store used oil, grease speciification other scheduled wastes and dispose these according to methods approved by DOE.

Where a rented premise is to be provided, the Contractor shall submit details, which shall include the layout and a list of furniture and fittings to be provided to the S. Temporary Slope Protection 7. Compaction shall be undertaken to the requirements of this Section by plant approved by the S.

The Contractor shall be held solely responsible for all accidents arising from any negligence in this respect. The design of the water stop should be practical and take account of the problems often associated with integral water stop construction in difficult placing conditions. Office Accommodation For S. Where the gradients are not shown in the drawings, the pipe shall be laid to the following gradients: Code of Practice for Demolition of Buildings, The Contractor shall take measures to ensure that all equipment and machinery are in proper working condition so as to minimize the amount of noise and dust generated.

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Care shall be taken to avoid placing screws in any end split. No joint shall exceed 10 mm in thickness.

If the Contractor fails to provide the required transport, the officer shall have the option to arrange alternative transport and the Contractor shall bear the expenses incurred. Steel Pipe Piles 2. No broken bricks shall be used except where required to form bonds. O, or his representative, and the contractor shall ensure the information provided in the delivery tickets and the manufacturer’s batching record complies with the details of the approved ‘designed concrete’ and its corresponding consistence as in sub-section 3.


Testing For Sewer Pipes Installation For location with downstream water intake ii Standard B: The bends at the foot of vertical stacks shall be of gentle radius type. For a pile cut off below ground level an increase in this tolerance of mm is permitted in accordance with sub-sections 2. O shall be obtained and their use shall be strictly in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation, at the positions approved by the S.

If the tenderer considers specificatikn any of the clauses of the Contract involves expenses, he shall allow for the money value of such clauses in his Tender. The cement shall comply with MS Any batch of cement that has been sampled and tested and found not to have complied with the requirements shall be rejected and removed from the Site.

JKR Standard Specification 2014.pdf

It shall be deposited as near as practicable in its final position to avoid rehandling or moving the concrete horizontally by vibration. Elastomeric sealants shall be used at the perimeter of the dry lining or partitioning to provide an airtight construction and to the approval of the S. All temporary works shall comply with the requirements of BS