-According to John, , p5; quoting, The New Testament – A New Translation and Explanation by Johannes Greber. Footnote at bottom of Watchtower. the text of johannes greber’s new testament is available in a pdf. information on how to download it is at the bottom of this message. see the. But as indicated in a foreword to the edition of The New Testament by Johannes Greber, this translator relied on “God’s Spirit World” to clarify for him how.

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Other times he was given the correct answers during prayer meetings. With absolute full knowledge of Greber’s occult connection with the spirit world, they deliberately used his “translation” of the bible as a basis for their “NWT”, in Its Laws and Its Purpose.

Johannes Greber

This is the irrefutable proof that the Watchtower fully knew that Greber was an occult spiritist. This is a piece of human fallacy and is an absurdity. This translation was used occasionally in support of renderings of Matthew With this knowledge, they deliberately used his “translation” of the bible as a basis for their “New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures”, in Remember, the Watchtower believes that the Holy Spirit communicates with the “governing body” in the production of the Watchtower magazine and the translation process of the NWT.

Again, another reference to Greber in support of their teachings.

You cannot miss Greber’s ties with spiritism. At times he was given the correct answers in large illuminated letters and words passing before his eyes. At times he was given the correct answers in large illuminated letters and words passing before his eyes by clairvoyance.

When he was in the beginning with God all things were created through him; without him came no created thing into being. We would like to share this with you. You should prove yourself blameless before Jehovah your God. Greber produces his Bible translation, upon which the New World Translation was based: Intestamenf was invited by one of his parishioners to a prayer meeting.


Watchtower doctrines revealed by the “faithful and Wise servant” God Has a Body Material forms are images of spiritual forms, and since all material things have form testanent shape, so, too, tesrament all spiritual things, and so, also, has God. If the idea of roasting people in fire had never come into God’s heart, does it seem reasonable that he created a fiery hell for these who do not serve him? In Spanish, there was a reference to Greber that was not removed. The second citation of Greber uses his translation of John 1: This Word was in the beginning with God.

When this became known letters were sent to the Watchtower Society inquiring about how to obtain the Greber translation. Read the following quotes to see the conflict. I have taught, lectured and preached from it and will continue to do so.

Greber sought confirmation of testamenh validity of the seance experience by seeking out other seances and mediums, where he heard many of the same “truths” proclaimed. Shortly afterward, there are letters from persons writing to The Watchtower headquarters requesting the address where these books can be found.

My experiences are related in a book that nsw appeared in both German and English and bears the title, Communication with the Spirit-World: In this forward, it was revealed that his spirit-medium wife helped him freber difficult passages.

Similar is the reading by a former Roman Catholic priest: This is how you can find out whether a spirit comes from God: Jehovah has the ability to foreknow testaent, but the Bible shows that he makes selective and discretionary use of tstament ability In the Foreward of his aforementioned book ex-priest Greber says: In the Questions From Readers, The Watchtower promised its readers that they would no longer use Greber in support of their teachings.

You teach the union of three persons in one Godhead New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures: Because the Watchtower believes that God communicates in a similar fashion with them!

It is not a Bible teaching. Save for the first created Son of God, the entire spirit-world was brought into existence not by direct Divine creation He knows of no triune God of Whom the Catholic and other Christian denominations teach.


Let that sink in for a minute…. Paradise on Earth pg. Nothing is lost, therefore, by ceasing to use his New Testament. Watchtower doctrines revealed by the “faithful and Wise servant”.

InThe Watchtower even quotes from the introduction of his bible translation, stating how he got involved in spiritism and that his translation was aimed to be a very spiritualistic read.

Johannes Greber – Wikipedia

The Johannes Greber Memorial Foundation provided a photo-copy of a letter from the Watchtower Society acknowledging receipt before of not only several of his New Testaments, but also Greber’s book “Communication with the Spirit World of God. Ultimately he relinquished his position as a Catholic priest, and wrote a book in entitled Communication with the Spirit World of God–Its Laws and Purposewhich detailed his journey into spiritism, and depicted the truths and principles of his testzment understanding of Christianity, revealed to him through his communication with the spirits.

The fact Christ after his death upon earth appeared to his followers in material form has led you to the erroneous conclusion that His spirit re-entered His former physical body. They always will be, because the Word of God will live forever!

Who Is Johannes Greber? | Watchman Fellowship, Georgia Office

Greber describes what he encountered there: Similar is the reading by a former Roman Catholic priest. However, the facts are that the Watchtower Society teztament, at least fromthat Johannes Greber was involved with demon spirits. It would not have been left to imperfect men to struggle with centuries later. Materialized in human form, Christ appeared to those who had been closest to Him in life However the evidence shows that they themselves are seeking support from a known spiritist who is looking to the spirit world.

At 1 John 4: