WHERE, like a pillow on a bed,. A Pregnant banke swel’d up, to rest. The violets reclining head,. Sat we two, one anothers best. Our hands were firmely. The poem The Ecstasy is one of John Donne’s most popular poems, which expresses his unique and unconventional ideas about love. It expounds the theme. Notes towards a commentary on Donne’s ‘The Extasie’ John Donne () didn’t write ordinary love poems. Arguably the first of the.

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But unlike Plato, Donne does not ignore the claims of the body. The Ecstasy by John Donne: The bodies are not impure matter, but an alloy. A single violet transplant, The strength, the colour, and the size, All which before was poor and scant Redoubles still, and multiplies. As our blood labours to beget Spirits, as like souls as it can, Because such fingers need to knit That subtle knot which makes us man.

If we subscribe to the views of medieval and mystical era, Extasic is trance-like state in which the soul leaves the body, comes out, and holds communion with the Divine, the Supreme, or the Over-Mind of the Extasle. Donne begins by describing where he and his sweetheart are: This is largely done through imagery and conceit in which widely opposite concept are brought together and the shift from the one to the other, is both swift and natural. Auden Poems Everyone Should Read. Love begins in sensuous apprehension and spiritual love follows upon the sensuous.

Thus they were one by holding their hands; but their images reflected in their eyes were all the propagation they did. Summary and Critical Analysis. Finally, they are united into a single soul. Then the lovers are now able to seek the spiritual pleasure rather than purely physical pleasure. They get a kind of sensation within their hearts and blood, resulting in perspiration and blushing. So the claims of the body must not be ignored.


In this respect, he comes close to the Renaissance and Modern point of view. It is a union of the souls. Therefore, the lovers jon to their bodies, so that they may understand the mystery of love. It is the body which brings the lovers together. Body is the medium of contact of the two souls. The setting is natural, very calm and quiet.

The Extasie by John Donne

But O alas, so long, so far, Our bodies why do we forbear? But alas, they had so long and so far ignored their bodies. This develops and even challenges the Renaissance idea of Neoplatonism, in that Donne returns to ronne body as the site of union between the two lovers: Body is the medium to experience love.

Union of bodies is essential to make possible the union of souls. Their bodies are ours, though we are distinct from dxtasie bodies.

When love joins two souls, they mingle with each other and give birth to a new and finer soul, which removes the defects and supplies whatever is lacking in either single soul.

The Ecstasy by John Donne: Summary and Critical Analysis

The fusion of body and soul strengthens spiritual love. They become ecstatic because their souls have escaped from their bodies to rise to a state of bliss.

It is a union of the souls. Donne refers the violet to tell us that the fusion of the lover’s soul produces a new “abler soul” like the violet, which doubles its vigor when it is grafted together with another.

The essence of a metaphysical poem is the bringing together or juxtaposition of opposites, and in this poem the poet, John Donne has brought together and reconciled such opposites as the medieval and the modern, the spiritual and the physical, the metaphysical and jonh scientific, the religious and the secular, mystical beliefs and rational exposition, the abstract and the concrete, the remote and the familiar, the indoor, the human and the non-human.


The poet begins the narration of the event with a typically passionate scene as the backdrop for the lovers to embrace and experience the ‘ecstasy’. The lovers’ souls leave their bodies, which become mere lifeless figures. Union of bodies is as essential as the union of souls.

Donne tries to convey the readers that the foundation of spiritual love is the physical attachment; the eyes serve as a gateway to the soul. The poem is also a criticism of the conventional idea of love that supports the separation of the bodies, and hence the souls. But they cannot forget the body, which is the vehicle, and container, cover and house tthe the soul. Love begins in sensuous apprehension, and spiritual love follows the sensuous.

But unlike Plato, Donne doesn’t ignore the claims of the body. The reference to extsaie, bed and pregnancy suggest sexuality, though the poet says that their love is ‘asexual’.

In the sixth and seventh stanzas, Donne says that if anyone had been nearby to hear their souls speaking to each other, he would have experienced an exchange of souls so pure and refined that he would have left richer than he was before. It is the body that brings the lovers together. If love is to be exyasie, it requires physical as well as spiritual outlets. About interestingliterature A blog dedicated to rooting out the interesting stuff about classic books and authors.