Josquin Des Prez. Absalon, Fili Mi, motet for 4 parts (poss. spurious). Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook · twitter. Absalon fili mi (La Rue, Pierre de). Authorship Note This work was formerly attributed to Josquin Desprez. Movements/SectionsMov’ts/Sec’s, 1. Genre Categories. I re-open the question of Absalom fili mi with some diffidence. TVNM reade The attribution of Absalom to Josquin is found in three mid-century German.

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We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Thus the saxophone quartet is exceptionally well-suited to perform this music.

Click here to sign up. Original text and translations may be found at Absalon, fili mi. All four voices in turn and in transposition sing identical statements of a fuga subject. Miserere mei Deus – Sacred Motets.

Recordings Renaissance Masterworks of Josquin Desprez. Skip to main content.

Absalon Fili Mi, Josquin Desprez

As for Absalon itself, arguably it is too early to reach conclusions about its authorship. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – all the people pictured on the cover.

Gateway To Clasical Music: In other works, there was “The Harfleur Song” by Paul Harvey, richly sonorous with a lot of challenges and responses like a spirited conversation, and seven brief, delightful John Dowland fil.

Never accuse the Amherst Saxophone Quartet of not knowing when to take a winner and run with it.

Not quite top of the pops: The “ideal” 16th century sound was created by four or more equal voices of similar character singing in homogeneous timbre. My colleagues in the Amherst Saxophone Quartet were particularly supportive, and voila, this CD was born.

Friday, October fipi, Distance lends enchantment, as the saying goes, and distance can mean things far removed in time as well as space.


ASQ’s ‘Renaissance Sax’ is one for the ages. On their own, these observations do 1 David Fallows, Josquin Turnhout,— On the contrary, it was used by fkli composers, though with surface variants that camouflage its underlying substance.

But there were four more Josquin works to go, including some cat-and-mouse counterpoint in “Salve Regina” and an intriguing alto-baritone absaoon in the middle of the solidly constructed “O bone et dulcissime Jesu. It was given in honor of N. Visit our adblocking fill page. A late and possibly untrustworthy printed source calls the great Josquin Desprez its composer, and music historians for years have lauded it and sought possible occasions for its writing, such as the memorial service for Philip the Fair, son of the Emperor Maximilian, in His works include 18 masses, motets, 70 chansons, and other abaslon works.

This and more Desprez will be recorded by the ASQ for release next year. This page was last edited on 15 Octoberat The motet is scored for four voices, but in an extremely low register: Log In Sign Up.

Absalon, fili mi (Josquin des Prez)

There is of course no way of knowing whether the Absalon Master, in his next work, threw this principle to the wind and instead used either freely abwalon fuga or indeed no fuga at all. L’homme arme, Josquin Desprez. Josquin des Prez or Pierre de la Rue Number of voices: Christmas number two singles. Against the Dying of the Light.

Absalon Fili Mi, Josquin Desprez | Repertoire | Amherst Saxophone Quartet

As for the flatwards spiral at the end of Absalon, it arises from the avoidance of augmented fourths and diminished fifths. Text underlay is editorial. United Sounds of Bassoon. In this configuration of stretto fuga, a fuga subject cannot move by step; instead it must be made out of falling thirds, rising fourths, falling fifths, rising sixths, rising octaves, or ornamental infillings of any of those intervals. The most important musical figure of his time, josquinn summarized the complishments of the preceding generations of Dufay and Ockeghem, just as Beethoven summarized the accomplishments of the first Viennese school.


The rise in importance of instrumental music in the 16th century illustrates the desire to create musical forms complete within themselves, absapon relying on words to carry deeper meaning. Absalon may even have been conceived as a clef- less composition: Choral Classics from Cambridge.

Nonetheless Absalon does possess this property, and that fact needs to be noted.

Absalon, fili mi (Josquin des Prez) – ChoralWiki

According to Nicolas Slonimsky, he achieved a complete union between word and tone, creating expressive and beautiful art forms displaying the beauty of both Netherlandish counterpoint and Italian homophony. In fact, the final line of text, describing the mournful desire to “descend into Sheol, weeping,” is sung to a motif of a falling-third interval; this motif repeats sequentially and descends by fifths into the harmonic depths from B flat, to E flat, A flat, D flat, and finally to G flat, a truly unheard-of sonority for the time.

National Trust discount code. Listed absslon by mj and title on external site. Salve Regina, Josquin Desprez. But, unlike many official expressions of grief, this one is piercingly real, almost as if the composer himself had been bereaved. You are missing some Flash content that should appear here!

Read Ivan Hewett’s listening notes for this piece Listen to all 50 pieces as a Spotify fuli.