Provide smart search on your MVC site to enable your visitors to search through your pages, products or other objects on your site. Smart search is an. Kentico provides an index-based search solution, which allows users to search through the content of Providing smart search on MVC sites. Smart Search retrieves the appropriate data from the database and stores it in an index file using an easily searchable format. When website visitors submit a.

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Page or Page Crawler? Please provide me with a solution. Well, it does not matter if it is online or locally. Kentico allows visitors to search for synonyms of words defined in the search query. Here is screenshot wearch how to find the user running app pool in IIS Here is that user be added to the smartsearch folder with modify permission.

There are 2 tasks regarding search indexes Optimize search indexes Execute search tasks Make sure they are enabled. Analyze your website requirements Find a solution with Kentico Understand how you can use Kentico Live 1-on-1 Presentation. Also, look into Even Log app to see if there are any error after you try to rebuild index. Show Me the Report. Sometimes I did this kenticl of not defining the culture of the smart search index and kept on digging here and there and finally I checked event logs to realize this small error.

Farah El Agha answered on October dmart, For the index I have selected a ‘pages crawler’ type kfntico this uses the admin IIS domain in the crawler settings. So, it looks like there is an issue with your scheduler as well as with the page crawler.


The synonym search works by expanding all words in the search expression into a list of synonyms.

Richard Lloyd answered on August 30, I get ketico message “New Rebuild required ” with 0 indexed items. Index Flexibility You have full control over the content of every search index. When you use Fiddler or Wireshark, what requests do you see?

Click on the Form tab of a blog post, it should show fields that editor can enter text, correct? If so, you need to delete all those from database sorry there is no select all and delete in the UI.

smart search indexes

I have followed through with other answered questions and the online documentation which suggested this might be because of permissions on the website folders but this has mode no difference. Search Customization The search solution offers several customization options.

If you create your search indexes using stemming analyzers all the basic analyzers have their stemming variants in v8the search matches words that have the same basic meaning, but different inflection. If the fields are checked, can you check your other index that was created the page index, not page crawler type.

Smart Search Index fails to build – Kentico 10

This allows them to find out easily if the entered keywords are relevant and also enables quick navigation to results without needing to go through knetico dedicated search page.

This ensures that data from secured website sections are not displayed to unauthorized users in search results.

For example, when searching for the words “search assistance”, the synonym search expands the expression to: Do you have this key configured?

Are there any colleague around you that may know little more about Kentico? Pages behind login means that the visitor must log in to visit the page – so, if this is required, then you need to specify also a user account for the crawler so it can authenticate itself – so it can access the secured page. Chetan Sharma answered on October 31, Dynamically generated via API, or from editable web parts?


For example, when a user is searching for the word “conditional”, the search will also hit documents containing the word “conditions” as the two terms share the same stem. Richard Lloyd asked on July kentido, Please, apply the latest hotfix for Kentico 9 – there were several bugs in smart search, so we can rule them out. But no matter how much time I wait, nothing seems to change and the indexes are not rebuilding.

Juraj Ondrus answered on November 1, Additionally, the search functionality can be limited for visitors, according to assigned permissions. Smart search runs on the Lucene. But no harm in checking this. David te Kloese answered on August 31, Which License Do You Need?

Then, are you using Amazon or other smrt storage? I would give it a try and specify the local domain name you are using as the crawler domain. I’ve checked the location that files are being generated in and it seems to be this one: Schedule a 1-on-1 Demo.

smart search indexes

That account need to be able to write index to file system. If there are files present, make sure they are not locked read only. Kentico also provides File Search Support built-in indexing of attached document content.