Óin – Sea of Núrnen – The Third Age -. Durin’s Tower was a dwarvish tower that stood on the peak of Zirakzigil above. 6 days ago “Greatest of all the mansions of the Dwarves was Khazad-dûm, the Dwarrowdelf, Hadhodrond in the Elvish tongue, that was afterwards in the.

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The stone broke and fell, taking the Balrog with it into the abyss, but the thongs of its whip snared Gandalf about his knees, and he too plummeted with the Balrog into the depths of the mountain. Upon returning, you have been granted a legendary weapon, which is capable of hurting the watcher.

Bridge of Khazad-dûm

It catches Frodo and lifts him in the air, despite Samwise Gamgee ‘s attempts to defend him. It raised its whip, and the thongs whined and cracked. The Two Towersas Gandalf fights the Balrog while falling. The orcs stood still, and a dead silence fell.

Another, steeped in legend, was the Endless Stairwhich ascended “from the lowest dungeon to the highest peak”, [4] where it terminated within Durin’s Towercarved from the solid rock at the tip of Zirakzigil.

Inthere was an attempt by the Longbeards to reclaim their ancient home.

Retrieved from ” http: This saved Gandalf’s friends’ lives as they carried on out of Moria into Dimrill Dale. During the Battle of Azanulbizarmany of these Orcs were felled in the valley beneath the eastern gate of Moria in TAand the numbers were reduced dramatically.


At the same khazqd, Orcs once again became “well-armed and very numerous, cruel, savage, and reckless in assault.

The wounded Azog was then dragged back into Moria by his subordinates, and Thorin rallied the remaining dwarves, including BalinDwalinDoriBifurand Oinagainst the remaining orcs and won a pyrrhic victory, defeating the Orcs but losing too many Dwarves to pursue them into Moria and reclaim it. A rare friendship sprang up between the Dwarves and the Elves of this new khazda.

Celebrimbor of Eregion drew these signs. It was known for being the ancient realm of the Dwarves of Durin’s Folk. Gandalf then commanded that the Fellowship run further into the gate to escape the Watcher’s wrath. He led a group of Dwarves from Lonely Mountain to Moria, and successfully eviscerated a considerable amount of Orcs, taking many of the eastern halls and recovering priceless ancestral treasures such as Durin’s Axe.

In TAthey dug too deeply and greedily for Mithril and to their loss they unearthed a nameless terror kgazad the depths beneath the city. It is also noted that the killing of the watcher was never confirmed in the books. Page Talk Edit History. Celebrimbor o Eregion teithant i thiw hin: After completing Book I you may enter Moria. At the end of the hall, the floor vanished and fell to an unknown depth.

This resulted in the Misty Mountains being relatively safer for the next two centuries.

Sauron overran the country of the Elves, and despite the best efforts of the Dwarves to help them, he succeeded in destroying Eregion and driving away the survivors. The Watcher was thought to have emerged from beneath Moria, being described by Gandalf as “older, fouler” than Orcs.


He came upon the valley Azanulbizar beneath the mountains.

Battle of Azanulbizar | The One Wiki to Rule Them All | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The monster, later revealed as a Balrog of Morgoth, remained alone in Moria for nearly five centuries until it was populated once again, but not by Dwarves. This cooperation continued until the reign of Durin IV. The Fellowship of the Ring.

Contents [ show ]. As they pondered the riddle of the Doors of Durin, Boromir threw a rock into the water. Gandalf had cried to the Fellowship, “Fly, you fools! The Battle of Azanulbizar was also where Thorin earned the name “Oakenshield”; after khazar shield was broken during the battle, he cleaved a great branch from a nearby oak tree to jhazad as both a shield and a bludgeon. Just as they make it inside, the Watcher tears down the doorway, and the way out is blocked by falling rocks.

It was khazzd during this time that the Orcs reinvaded the mountains and made war on the Dwarves, taking Mount Gundabad from the Kingdom of Durin.