Nearly a century on, the King-Byng affair of is still considered the mother of all constitutional crises in Canada and the example everyone. In it, journalist Bruce Hutchison explains quite succinctly the complex series of events known as the King-Byng affair (also called by some – the King-Byng Wing . Instead, Byng invited the opposition Conservatives to replace King’s Liberals as the The CBC’s Peter Gzowski surveys the effect of the Star-Kist affair on.

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The King—Byng affair was a Canadian constitutional crisis that occurred inwhen the King-byg General of Canadathe Lord Byng of Vimyrefused a request by his prime ministerWilliam Lyon Mackenzie Kingto dissolve parliament and call a general election. Biography and Constitutional Evolution. It started out as kingb-yng laserdisc in and the CD-ROM version has been used in schools across the country.

Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. As Canada celebrates its th birthday on July 1st, we take a new look at some of the events that our collective conscious has decreed as disasters, and find the surprising upsides.

June 28, letter in which the Prime Minister announced his resignation.

The Speaker of the House ruled the motion out of order, but, on divisionthe members over-ruled the speaker and the Cabinet was defeated again. Letter requesting resolution atfair the King—Byng Affair.

The King-Byng crisis of 1926 is still paying it forward nearly a century later

King’s Liberals won a plurality of seats in the House of Commons, while Meighen lost his seat. It helped clarify the relationship between colonial Canada and the imperial centre in Britain, as there was still a sense in the s that the governor general was there to supervise the dominion.

The election was called for 14 September Everyone knows a bad reno story. Photo courtesy of George Metcalf Archival Collection. king-bybg


Letter requesting resolution to the King–Byng Affair – Wikisource, the free online library

A Country by Consent is a national affar of Canada which studies the major political events that have shaped the country, presented in a cohesive, chronological narrative.

He gave up his own seat, but named fellow Conservatives as acting ministers, or ministers without portfolio, meaning, in his view, that they did not need to resign. A few months later, one of King’s appointees in the Department of Customs and Excise was revealed to have taken bribes, after which the Conservatives alleged that the corruption extended to the highest levels of government, including the prime minister.

The Progressives and others had 26 seats.

The Conservatives held onto the government through four successful parliamentary votes, including one to censure the previous King government, but they lost a fifth vote.

Woodsworth proposed amending Stevens’ amendment to remove the censure of the government and set up king-bnyg Royal Commission to investigate the customs department further. Views Read Edit View history. Search The Canadian Encyclopedia.

The King-Byng crisis of is still paying it forward nearly a century later. It ended with King winning an eventual election, and no governor general ever again publicly refusing the advice of a prime minister. Its report, which was presented to the House of Commons, acknowledged that there was widespread fraud in the department but did not specifically criticise the government. Kingthe Liberal leader and prime minister of the previous Parliament, declined to turn power over to the Conservatives but instead met with the House of Commons to let Parliament decide who should govern, as was his right.

Although many Conservatives privately preferred an election, Meighen believed he was bound by honour and convention to accept Byng’s invitation. Article published July 30, ; last modified January 27, King and the Liberals argued he was wrong: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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He also sparked one of Canada’s greatest constitutional crises. Forsey, The Canadian Encyclopedias. King resigned and informed Parliament he affair no longer prime minister. For the fafair two days, the Prime Minister and the Governor General discussed the matter, with Byng asking King not to request a dissolution which he could not give and King twice requesting that Byng consult the British government prior to making any decision.

Wikisource has original kingbyng related to this article: A Life Guided by the Hand of Destiny. As a refusal by a Governor-General to avfair the advice of a Prime Minister is a serious step at any time, and most serious under existing conditions in all parts of the British Empire today, there will be raised, I fear, by the refusal kinh-byng Your Excellency’s affwir to accept the advice tendered a grave constitutional question without precedent in ling-byng history of Great Britain for a century, and in the history of Canada since Confederation.

The King-Byng Affair played a role in the Imperial Conference ofwhich began to put legal substance behind the Balfour Report jing-byng that Britain and king-bybg Dominions were constitutionally “equal in status. The crisis came to redefine the role of governor generalnot only in Canada but throughout the Dominionsbecoming a major impetus in negotiations at Imperial Conferences held in the late s that led to the adoption of the Statute of Westminster In a letter to the Dominion’s monarch, King George Vwhom he represented in Canada as governor general, Byng expressed surprise that the Liberal leader, a staunch nationalisthad requested that Byng consult the Colonial Office in London over the matter.

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