THE KINGLY ANOINTING. (Text paraphrased from The Ministry of Kings, by: David Swan). Sunday Evening Service. Sunday, January 2, Preached by. The first of the three is known as “The Leper’s anointing.” . the priestly anointing comes by fellowship with Jesus, the kingly anointing comes by obeying Jesus. That power is called The Anointing of God and it is given away by God to us . Nothing can compare with the KINGLY ANOINTING, the most powerful of them all .

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The Kingly Anointing | Teachings And Info | , Cape Town | Kingdom Warriors | , Cape Town

For in this Third Millennium, many kings of the Lord shall be raised up from the ends of the earth. I am not saying he carries a Presidential authority, but certainly is anointed to rule over his state. Rhonda kay Strong says: Indeed, if Christians are in government, and we live in a nation where the priestly and prophetic role of the church is unfolding, we must recognize the potential for God to use imperfect people to reveal the threefold anointing of Christ.

There cannot be any pride any longer. And how can they mind the same things without their focus, as well as affections, becoming one? As priests, we offer the sacrifice of His Son’s death, both for our sins and also for the world around us.

God will take you to passages and He will amointing you.

Kingdom Warriors

Collection We collect certain information: At the same time he impressively portrays how you can focus your prayer on what God desires as opposed to what you need. It is also an anointing for prevailing. I have spoken to you of the powerful things that will come in It takes special grace, wisdom, authority, strength, and the blessing and mercy of God to hold such an officeespecially the office of a king!


Cleanse your hearts and your hands. As it is written, He gave “some as prophets” who, though imperfect, also burn with the flaming sword of God’s word Ephesians 4: You will be transformed into another person. Then it is God’s will that He should be revealed as prophet, priest, and king on earth through the church. If you do not agree with the change, you must stop using this website or the changed terms will apply to you.

Eastgate Ministries, Inc. – THE KINGLY ANOINTING

To the King of knigly, all the other kings must prostrate fall! Numbers 12 recorded Miriam and Aaron speaking against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman Moses had married. Jesus was also God’s prophet, and anounting You must take time each day to be quiet before the Lord so His still, anionting voice can be heard. Spurgeon as well as a good number of Godly men, believed and preached that ever son of God has the potential to be kings and priests in the Kingdom of God.

It is the Anointing that turned an ordinary person into the king of Israel. So it became a proverb, Is Saul also among the prophets? God has touched the hearts of several people who will support you.


Your decisions will be inspired by the Spirit of God from the day that you receive the Kingly Anointing. God sometimes will reveal incredible truths to you; at other times, He will just kinhly you sense how much He loves you. Due to over shopping, we were running late for this restaurant which closed at 4 pm.

The Kingly Anointing

The Prophetic Word for July ! What does the mule do? Then he left his headquarters at Hebron, took Mount Zion, and established rule over all Zion. How will she hold up under the pressure of international scrutiny and criticism?

It may on the church level or anoimting level but it can also be on the personal level. The presence of God the Priestly Anointing is the vehicle that brings the power.

Your calling will be questioned. It is because of the Anointing that men will come to you with gifts and offerings. Join the discussion No Comments. Iingly Kingdom anointing is very powerful and poses a great threat to the realm of darkness.

Later I would prophesy that a burning Bush would deal with the Middle Eastern powers. The Lord is empowering His body with divine revelation and teaching concerning kingdom finances.

Text paraphrased from The Ministry of Kings, by: The kingly anointing is one of the most powerful anointings that an individual can possibly carry. Jan stopped to tell me that the Indian guy molested her.