Offical Kyosho website and online shop for Mini-Z, Optima, Inferno and others, including Kyosho diecast models, miniature cars, Kyosho Egg brand and all latest. Spare Parts for the Calmato Alpha 40 Trainer/Sports Toughlon Spec. (Purple). SQS 25Class Low Wing Airplane Calmato ST GP Red R 40 CLASS ENGINE POWERED SPORTS TRAINER CALMATO 40 SPORTS CARDINAL.

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Advanced glow fuel resistant Toughlon film covering is more resistant to wrinkling and sagging than normal PVC film.


Open calkato.40 room gives great access for ktosho. Out of Stock undecided. Micro Macro Calmato4.0 Inc. Tail wing is secured simply by screwing in two bolts.

Wing as on the Trainer 40, is done by epoxiening the wing halves together instead of using the adhesive tape. A fuel resistant coating protects the interior for increased durability. Calmato series DNA runs thick in this model to deliver unrivaled stability.

Kyosho specializes in the RC Car and Truck industry, where they are world reknown since by race teams in the 1: Show more Show less. Since the construction is similar, we will focus on the differences between the Sports version and Trainer Can be flown as either GP or EP, even after purchase! Fuselage structure allows access to fuel tank and battery through a hatch on the upper part of the nose section valmato.40 easy maintenance.

The symmetrical airfoil gives it good aeronautic potential because it makes inverted flying easy. Features ultra-stable take-off and landing characteristics. Aileron servos are equipped for independent control of each aileron. The generous wing area and long-moment anus produce smooth, stable flight.


As the main landing gear is in the wing, nylon straps and screws secure the landing calato.40. The lightweight design realizes calm controllability. When its time to graduate from a beginner trainer, the next step could be this stylish low wing sports plane. Engine room has been coated in glow fuel resistant paint for kosho durability. Factory assembled airplane pre-covered in vivid printed color film. Expected to be available on You may type here the item or what you like to search for.

As with the Trainer 40, the Sports ARF has a high degree of prefabrication and doesn’t require any glue.

Designed for compatibility with both GP and EP flight! Separate the wing halves for easy transportation. It has a generous wing area, a constant-chord wing, a symmetrical airfoil, long-moment calmatl.40 and tricycle landing gear. The very attractive tinted canopy is held in place by four screws.

Calmato 40 Sports No. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality iyosho this website. Kyosho Germany is one of the leading RC Model companies in Europe and has successfully manufactured and distributed RC products for more than 25 years.

Convertible design allows either electric motor or glow fuel engine to be used as power source. Main wing halves are joined by aluminum pipe pins. Those who have ca,mato.40 graduated from their high-wing trainers will learn new acrobatic maneuvers easily, and experienced pilots will find this plane an excellent all-around Sunday flyer.

Apply the neat instrument panel decal and canopy trim tape both supplied and add a pilot figure from The World Models. You must have Caomato.40 enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A fuel resistant coating protects the interior for increased durability. The planes are available in red, green, yellow and blue trim schemes. Now that you’ve mastered your Calmato Trainer 40, what’s the next step?


JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Features the aluminum pipe pin to join the main wing halves.


Although you may be eager for that P or Extra acrobat, they are very unforgiving, and inexperienced pilots can get in trouble very quickly. Creates different impression to the GP version. Even under the sometimes rough control of beginners, the CALMATO responds calmly and maintains its posture if the airplane stalls at slow speed to provide new fliers with the ideal characteristics for flight kysoho. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

The lightweight design realizes calm controllability.

Kyosho CALMATO ALPHA 40 Sports EP/GP Red, Supercheap Hobbies

As the next step caljato.40 from high-wing airplanes, the Calmato 40 Sports is an obvious choice! Out of Stock undecided. Difficult to manage knock-pins are already installed. Founded in in Miami Florida U. Factory assembled airplane covered with vivid printed color. Add to shopping basket.

Rudder horns and linkage pipes are all installed. Servo bed is fixed so no difficult steps remain to complete. The exquisite finish replicates competition model standards and provides an ideal step up for beginners to the sporty performance of low wing flight.