Magia Blanca, Magia Negra/ La Magia de Arbatel / White Magic, Black Magic / Arbatel’s Magic: C. W. Leadbeater, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa Von Nettesheim. The Arbatel De Magia veterum was a Latin grimoire of renaissance ceremonial magic published in in Switzerland. Contents. 1 Title; 2 Origin; 3 Nature. L’Arbatel De Magia Veterum (Arbatel: De la magie des Anciens) est un grimoire de magie du XVI siècle. La première édition en latin date de à Bâle.

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Even as every one governeth himself, so he allureth unto himself Spirits of his nature and condition; but one very truely adviseth, that no man should carry himself beyond his own calling, lest that he draw unto himself some mahia Spirit from the uttermost parts of the earth, by whom either he shall be infatuated and deceived, or brought to final destruction.

If you will do the will of my Father which is in heaven, ye are lla my disciples, and we will come unto you, and make our abode with you.

Transitus de communi arbaetl vita, ad vitam magicam, non est alius nisi de eadem vita dormientem ad eandem vitam vigilantem. But he will not that we give holy things to dogs, nor despise and condemn the gifts of his treasury.

Also every one of them ruleth yeers.

Therefore we ought most diligently to observe, that such presumptions should be cast out of the minde, by lla word, while they are new; neither let them have any habit in the idle minde, that is empty of the divine word. There is a seven-fold preparation to learn the Magick Art. Dietrich Bergman, Teitan press, The Fifth Septenary Aphor.

This faith surmounteth all seals, and bringeth them into subjection to the will of man. The lesser secrets are seven.

Magia est connexio a viro sapiente agentium per naturam cum patientibus, sibi, congruenter respondentibus, vt inde opera prodeant, non sine corum admiratione qui causam ignorant.


Great is the power of Satan, by reason of the great sins of men.

Arbatel De magia veterum (Arbatel: Of the Magic of the Ancients)

The sixth is Pythagorical Magick, which onely acteth with Spirits to whom is given the doctrine of Arts, as Physick, Medicine, Mathematics, Alchymie, and such kinde of Arts. Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text Articles containing Hebrew-language text.

And these secrets are either concerning things divine, natural or humane. Let God be thy guide in all things which thou undertakest, and all things shall attain to a maiga and desired end; even as the history of the whole world testifieth and daily experience sheweth.

Magia Blanca, Magia Negra/ La Magia de Arbatel / White Magic, Black Magic / Arbatel’s Magic

Dismissal of the spirit. We have already arhatel what a secret is, the kindes and species thereof: Now first of all produced out of darkness into the light, against all caco-Magicians, and contemners of the gifts of God; for the profit and delectation of all those, who do truely and piously love the creatures of God, and do use them with thanksgiving, to the honour of God, and profit of themselves and their neighbours. And in this, the omnipotency of God shineth forth.

I beseech thee, O heavenly Father, do not give power to any lying Spirit, as thou didst over Ahab that he perished; but keep me in thy truth. His Spirits are Legions: Therefore there is magiq whereof any one may glory; For it is not unto him that willeth, nor unto him that runneth; but to whom God will have mercy, or of some other spiritual fate.

Arbatel — Wikipédia

The seventh is the Magick of Apolloniusand the like, and agreeth with the Romane and Microcosmical Magick: The Angels of the Lord directed Daniel. Sixthly, All the deceitful imitations and affections of the devil are also to be avoided, whereby he imitateth the power of the creation, and of the Creator, that he may so produce things with a word, that they may not be what they are.


Alia est similliter DEI, sed donum creaturarum tenebrarum: Alii per somnia aut alia signa agunt: Spunges, which attract all without distinguishing; Hour-glasses, which receive, and pour out as fast; Bags, which retain onely the dregs of Spices, and let the Wine escape; and Sieves, which retain the best onely.

One hath the power of the sword; another, of the pestilence; and another, of inflicting famine upon the people, as it is ordained by God.

We chuse the 46 Aphorisme from these. Call the Prince of the Kingdom, and lay a command upon him, and command what thou wilt, and it shall be done, if that Prince be not again absolved from his obedience by a succeeding Magician.

Although access to it would have been restricted, its presence indicates that it played a role in American folk beliefs. But he who coveteth contemptible dignities, as riches alone, let him call the Prince of riches, or one of his Lords, and he shall obtain his desire in that kinde, whereby he would grow rich, either arbatwl earthly goods, or merchandize, or with the gifts of Princes, or by the study of Metals, or Chymistry: Ad artum sit B. He that is faithfully conversant in his vocation, shall have also the Spirits constant companions of his desires, who will successively supply him in all things.

The Magick these men profess’d, is thus defined.

The Olympian spirits featured in it are entirely original. Both kindes of Magick are different one from the other in their ends: The practical instructions are straightforward and undemanding. The barren he maketh fruitful, and giveth long life.