Liber Obsidian Obscura is a concentrated work of dark sorcery providing the black magician with a solid foundation in black magickal theory. Liber Obsidian. fje C}:1oftigeurs of tfje ree of 9ttigfjt fjaoc &come pfj]sicaf(y manifest anb tfjeir sorceries are to 6e known among tfje

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Obscuta trying to get a feel for what these books have to offer and how they compare with other LHP material thats out there. The main goal of the Order of the Voltec is the solidification and strengthening of an energy body through acts of Dreaming and Stalking so ibsidian upon death, the consciousness is transferred over to the Inorganic Body thus achieving true immortality. Oh my… Yes, you can enter another body in forced possession or through a fetus. You could also live in the other world, in a literal fashion.

Thank you very much for all your input on the matter. I own both Texts. I concur with WP too. The LuLu text is a steal for obscua price…elsewhere people sell this for foolish amounts. Authors from Peter J. If you look hard enough you can find a pdf of it online.


The Art of Dreaming is quoted almost in its entirety in the book. Blood Sorcery Bible vol 1.

If she can only get her editing together…ahhh. It was supposed to be the sequel to Liber Obsidian Obscura. LOO was the philosophy of the Order of the Voltec along with some of the booklets of the Order that were only 30 were printed. obxcura

Liber Obsidian Obscura Voltec LHP Occult Grimoire OOP

To be honest, I would recommend the people here go to the yahoo group. There are no fees to join either, just continued effort. Especially when compared to other Occult or just plain ‘ole other books.

The section you are looking for is in the last 4th of the book. She discusses high-jacking a fetus and also transferring consciousness at the moment of death into another libsr etc…you know…fun stuffffff: I would give you the page number, but my copy is packed up, still in the fucking hideous evil process of moving fuck…curses.

I concur with this. If this is of your interest it would be worth your time to explore them.

Like said, no cost. Just focus, desire and intent. The rest will come after these qualities. Ive read them both, theyre okay but kinda just an attempt at Nagual based on Castanedas work.


Liber Obsidian Obscura

Everyone and their dog are a fucking Nagua now that castaneda published his books on the subject. Even though Real Nagual lineages are very well alive and active to this day, and none of these self proclaimed have anything to do with them. Or can even pronounce Nagual correctly without having to research it lol. Anyway one can join the OV right now?

Liber Obsidian Obscura

The yahoo group seems pretty dead. Besides the books, how can I know more? Greetings to All, Does anyone own or has anyone read these books by A. I have read about this in Vampiric Initiation by Vampire Regeneration I would like to be able to do this now, to enter obsidiian example the body of a wolf etc.

I forgot to tell you all what I was elaborating on…lol… The ability to transfer ones consciousness…. I liked his thoughts on the shadow double in Nox Infernus quite a bit. No Infernus is one of my nexttext investments. Tower of Belial is a worthwhile time also for Qlippothic work by the same author.