This is a list of notable Arnis systems and practitioners. Contents. 1 Practiced/ Practitioners in Lightning Scientific Arnis is a system that revolves around the concept of Tercia Serrada Cadenilla y Espada y Daga which is a method of. Posts about Lightning Scientific Arnis written by Joy. Posts about Lightning Scientific Arnis written by Jon Escudero.

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This is a HUGE collection of arms and armour. Greetings, Does anyone on the board practice scienific have any knowledge in regards to the Lightning Scientific Arnis L.

Lightning Scientific Arnis – FMA Pulse

The concept of interception will be discussed in greater detail later in this article. This is an interesting drill to learn as it helps a student become aware of the various lines of attack and their vulnerabilities in close range.

I remember seeing a slight, quiet man with a ready smile, working hard as one of the officials in an Arnis tournament last year. Pages using web citations with no URL All articles with self-published sources Articles with self-published sources from December Lema for several years in Manila. September 4, in Ramblings Tags: Is there any material out there book, video, other media that specifically focus on L.

Pundador Manuel Molina Aguillon Sr”.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It is impossible to preempt or overwhelm your opponent without the prerequisite strength, endurance, fitness or awareness of his movements. I have some old lionheart video footage with him in it and he didn’t seem that old??


It lighting you a different perspective of the movement at hand. WaltyrFeb 5, Thank you sa iyong paglathala sa iyong blog ng tungkol sa akin, kagabi ko lang nabasa … parang sobra naman yata ang papuri hehehe…pero sa kabila ng lahat, salamat. Every year we take the club out roughing it… ok semi-roughing it. Time flies when your having fun and we do get a lot of that as we spent nearly every day of almost as month just smacking each other around.

I think the praises scienticic be too much… but even then, thank you. Lightning Scientific Arnis is known for it’s powerful and extremely fast use of the stick.

They followed us around for a couple of days to get a glimpse of our lives and in general had a pretty good conversation with them. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

All-in-all, it is a complete fighting system. Email required Address never made public. As highlighted in this article, a Lightning Scientific Arnis practitioner must be able to consistently execute high powered strikes with precision.

List of Arnis systems and practitioners

Hey Walter, When you do make it up here next, I can let you borrow some of my video footage on Lightning Scientific Arnis.

The afternoon session was dedicated to the finer points of the Agaw Baston or disarming techniques. GM benjamin luna lema, founder of LAS is in that book. Various levels weapon proficiency and physical conditioning are preconditions that must be met in order to successfully apply Serrada concepts. June 21st, 0 Comments. Arnis Pasindo I remember seeing a slight, quiet man with a ready smile, working hard as one of the officials in an Arnis tournament last year.


Have a Happy ! WaltyrFeb 4, In addition, there is a clear delineation between blade movements and stick movements when training. Seeing lots of growth in skill and understanding and that LSAI is developoing firm roots in these communities.

Lightning Scientific Arnis – An Introduction | Stick and Knife Fighting Blog

Or that a technique is so special that it is kept a secret. Zen Life, Zen Death”. An excellent mix of china, jewelry, arms and armour. January 24, in Events Tags: Sscientific its always a good thing to have a new audience to present to since as much as FMA is now getting popular, it is still not as mainstream as we think.

Stay updated via RSS. This site uses cookies. We could only be so lucky to have a teacher or mentor who could guide us all the way along this journey. Lghtning let me know if you need any more information concerning Lightning or mang Ben. Aenis great opportunity for growth and progress in our practice of Filipino Martial Arts. Who moves first, who moves next?

Another definition is applied when facing a stronger, faster or larger opponent with lesser or equal skill.