Les humanoides [Williamson Jack] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Les humanoïdes [Williamson Jack] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. STOCK Évasion () – Jack WILLIAMSON Les Humanoïdes. John Stewart Williamson (April 29, – November 10, ), who wrote as Jack Williamson, was an American science fiction writer, often called the “Dean of .

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Williamson wrote the strip Beyond Mars —55loosely based on his novel Seetee Shipuntil the paper dropped all comics. Williamson took this idea into science fiction with The Legion of Space.

However, they did not accept novels, so Williamson submitted three short stories and a novelette.

The Medusae learned from the first human expedition to their world that the gas rots human flesh, and the Medusae use it as a potent chemical weapon, attempting ecological destruction by means of projectiles fired from the Moon.

Learning that they were also accepting novels for serialization, he sent in The Legion of Spacewhich was published in six parts.

Les Humanoïdes – Jack Williamson, Pierre Versins – Google Books

Giles Habibula reappears in this final novel, which williamsoon set after the disbanding of the Legion. Wracked by emotional storms and believing many of his physical ailments to be psychosomatic, Williamson underwent psychiatric evaluation in at the Menninger Clinic in TopekaKansas jzck, in which he began to learn to resolve the conflict between his reason and humnaoides emotion.

This was the official website of the hall of fame to One of the Purples, John Ulnar, supports the Legion from the start, and he is the fourth great warrior. Retrieved June 16, They fear AKKA, though, as it can erase all their possessions. The ruling Cometeers feed on their slaves and literally absorb their souls, leaving disgusting, dying hulks in their wake.


The story also features Jay Kalam, lobbying to allow the New Cometeers to leave the Solar System in peace, as many people were demanding that AKKA be used to obliterate the departing swarm of planets once and for all.

For other people named John Williamson, see John Williamson disambiguation. His enemy is the Purple pretender Eric Ulnar, who sought the Medusae out in the first place, seeking to become the next Emperor of The Sun. He was once a criminal, and can open any lock ever made.

Jack Williamson

Once the Cometeers were destroyed, their slaves were ordered by the Legion to take the comet and leave the Solar System, and never return. The Falstaff character is named Giles Habibula. For the Australian rules footballer, see Jack Williamson footballer. Another novel, One Against the Legiontells of a Purple pretender who sets up a robotic base on a world over seventy light years from Earth, and tries to conquer the Solar System via matter transporter technology he has stolen.

Jack Williamson – Wikipedia

An unfavorable review of one of his books, which compared his writing to that of a comic stripbrought Williamson to the attention of The New York Sunday Newswhich needed a science fiction writer for a new comic strip. Hence, the ruling Cometeers keep other intelligent beings as slaves and “cattle”.

It was also used to wipe out most of the Medusae, though they had tried to steal the secret. In this novel, renegade Purple pretenders ally themselves with the Medusae as a means to regain their empire. John Stewart Williamson April 29, — November 10,who wrote as Jack Williamsonwas an American science fiction writeroften called the “Dean of Humaboides Fiction” after the death of Robert Heinlein in When humanoidds were wiped out, the Moon where they had established their base was erased out of existence.


As a young man, he discovered the magazine Amazing Storiesestablished in by Hugo Gernsbackafter answering an ad for one free issue. I am opposed, however, to literary tricks that tend towards obscurity or artificial difficulty, though I can see arguments for that humanoidess of approach.

The slave races are of flesh and blood, but none are remotely similar to humans. Cherryh Jane Yolen Peter S.

The Medusae conquered the Moon, set up their bases there, and went on to attempt conquest of the Solar System. Merritt[4] author of The Metal Monster and other fantasy serials. He remained affiliated with the school for the rest of his life. A doctor who wrote science fiction in his spare time, Breuer had a strong talent and turned Williamson away from dreamlike fantasies towards more rigorous plotting humanoidea stronger narrative.

Williamson completed his Ph. The Cometeers cannot be destroyed by AKKA, as they are incorporeal from the Universe’s point of view and exist for the most part in an alternate reality. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource.

The Legion works also featured a force field called AKKA which humanoidew erase from the Universe any matter, of any size, anywhere, even a star or a planet.