Stop in the Name of Pants! (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, book 9) by Louise Rennison – book cover, description, publication history. Sound the Cosmic Horn for bestselling author Louise Rennison’s ninth book of the confessions of crazy but loveable teenager Georgia Nicolson! Now that Geo. In her ninth madcap adventure, British teen Georgia Nicholson is full of confusion about life. After the return of the Sex God, Georgia turns to Dave the Laugh.

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Stop in the Name of Pants!

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. We have two French women at our school who teach French, and they always speak in English. Yes, everyone wears bikinis in Italy. Itching to see the picture – yes, will probably I love this series.

And all the rest of her friends. So I grabbed this off my shelf and started reading. I only ended up reading it because I was quite sick during the night, and needed to keep myself awake in case I needed to rush pajts the bathroom again. They have this silly little type of dance that is just the weirdest thing ever.

Stop in the Name of Pants! I can’t remember the last time I marathon read a series like this. I laughed a lot in this book, and I might have even cried a little.


At least it sounds German. Rennison for these books that make me smile everytime.

Stop in the name of Pants is the best in series. A great big Thank You to Ms. Georgia quite literally hates her mum and dad, who won’t give her squids to visit Masimo in Pizza a-gogo land. A light-hearted read, which will provide laughs galore for teenage girls. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of If so, clearly the date on my birth certificate is wrong.

So the other week, we were sitting in her room once all her brothers had gone to bed, and she started talking about the books that we’d both read. I would probably think it was pretty random. Your review has been submitted successfully, thank you. I was sad when her cat was almost dying. She wanted to take her mind off of things, so she went out to the park with her gang and sat watching the boys play soccer.

Jun 14, Marija rated it it was amazing Shelves: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson 10 books. I have to agree with Georgia’s teachers – it is not a good example for students to walk around in mini-skirts, all tarted up. In fact, it is Georgia Nicolson who inspired me to start saying things like “gorgeosity” and “gorgey porgey”.

She and her gang got to the place. Have you ever nsme to hear tons of drama and gossip? Finally school started and everything was going the same, classes, teachers being bossy, and girls thinking there better than the rest.


Stop in the Name of Pants! (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, book 9) by Louise Rennison

I do enjoy this series and the humor, but etop I find it a bit to silly. The Best Books of Same old same old. You think “knutschen” sounds horrible? The group of boy clashed together and went outside.

Aren’t there laws against dating minors? Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Or a nip-libbling Dave the Tart. Dave is definitely my favorite character in this series. He was everything to her, even though he was a cat, he was much more than that to her.

I think I luuuurve you. This field is required. Confessions of Georgia Nicolson 9. Plus, what kind of aeroplane is she taking?

If I had started with volume 1, I might have been able to acclimate myself to the cuteness level. Even working-class parents in an ex-mining town are concerned about letting their kids go clubbing.

She got home and saw her mom crying. On the subject – is Sven Swedish? She is now the girl Stop in the name of Pants is the best in series.